Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Shoot to Kill

Commercial Appeal: Robbery suspect killed at diner As after so many of these incidents, the dead robber's family is upset that the person who stopped the crime, shot to kill
."I heard he didn't get no money or nothing," Williams said, standing on the porch of the restaurant at 3530 Summer, where customers continued to come in for breakfast. "That man that shot him could have just shot him in the arm or leg."
Shooting to wound is not taught in any course I am aware of. Most classes teach shooting to "center of mass," that is to center of the chest. Some law enforcement types are taught "2 to the chest, 1 to the head."

If you attempt to commit a crime, and are confronted by an armed citizen, I think you will likely end up dead and most likely end up shot. I have no statistics to back this up, just my daily review of news stories on the subject. Armed citizens do NOT have to - indeed do not want to - capture suspects like the police have to do. Armed citizens want to end threatening situations. They will shoot until the threat is removed.

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