Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Armed Crooks Getting Shot by Armed Citizens | More Richmonders acting in self-defense Self-defense is resulting in crooks getting shot.
Since March, there have been at least three fatal shootings of armed suspects by armed victims. In at least two of those cases, Richmond prosecutors say it was in self-defense.
At least they aren't confused about who is and who is not a victim.

2 out of 3 cases are clearly self-defense. The 3rd is under review awaiting toxicology results.

This is how self-defense is supposed to be. Law-abiding citizens defending themselves from violent attack by criminals.

This is also how journalism should be and so rarely is these days. Just the facts are presented. No editorial comments about gun control or crime. And it is well written and a pleasure to read. Congrats to the Times Dispatch.

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