Thursday, August 11, 2005

Armed Kidnapper Shot - No permit, no crime, no charge, Killing at bank lot was an act of self-defense [use to get a password for this story.]

After being kidnapped by 2 men and forced to drive to a bank to withdraw money, Jacob Evans, a sanitation worker, pulled a .357 magnum from under the seat of the car and killed one kidnapper while the other was in the bank.

Evans' gun - for which he paid $75 - jammed when the 2nd guy came back. These same guys had robbed him of $465 the week before, and he purchased the gun from a friend. He only regrets he didn't get the 2nd guy. But for $75 he was happy. "Well, it took care of me yesterday," he said.

He had no permit to carry the weapon, but will not be charged with anything. (Justifiable self-defense trumps the need for permit in Tennessee.) In fact, he said that the police were treating him "like a king."

I would say "Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0" except for the one that got away.

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