Saturday, August 13, 2005

Don't expect the system to protect you

JusticeNew York Newsday: Indictment in panic-button death case This tragedy points out how impossible it is for the "system," that is the courts and the police, to protect you.

She had a restraining order. She had a police-issued panic-button - dialing 911 was not needed. Everyone knew she was in danger.
Police said [Marlon] Fann killed Merline Port-Louis, 23, of New Cassel, in June, just two months after completing a prison sentence for stabbing her three years earlier.
Fann had previously stabbed her, and yet served only 3 years in jail. He called Port-Louis's mother both before and after the crime to torment her as well.

Because of the insane NY gun laws, the criminal had a weapon, and the victim was unarmed. Even though she had an alarm that connected directly to the police she is dead. She was shot dead moments after pressing that panic-button. [OK, maybe she didn't want a firearm. My point is that in NY, it would be nearly impossible for her to get a firearm, let alone a license to carry concealed.]

The court could not lock him up forever. The court-order meant nothing to him. Gun control laws meant nothing to the criminal either. She was left helpless. [Hat tip to a commenter who remains anonymous]

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