Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Iran, nuclear weapons and the UN

Captain's Quarters: 4000 Centrifuges Later In a discussion about Iran and its plans for nuclear weapons, the subject of the Useless Nitwits United Nations Security Council came up. As Capt. Ed states, at some point the great debating society will address the issue and pass some number (probably less than 50) of resolutions and end by taking no action whatsoever.
Will either the EU-3 or the IAEA ever refer this situation to the UNSC? No one has any illusions about that body's willingness to do much except bloviate, but at least it will show some progress in the process of enforcement. The fact that neither will even go that far shows how little courage the West has in confronting rogue regimes, especially those with whom they have significant trade interests.
So if we are going to rely on the "international community" to keep nukes out of the hands a radical regieme, I guess we should look forward to nuclear terrorism.

Backyard bombshelters anyone?

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