Friday, August 12, 2005

More whining about restraining orders

The Telegraph Online: Court’s ruling on restraining order bizarre Sarah Buel has not stopped whining about the SCOTUS ruling in the Castle Rock case since it was made. This article is a case in point.

Castle Rock (for anyone who has been asleep) says that you can't sue the police department if they fail to enforce a restraining order. It doesn't say that the police don't have to enforce it just that you cannot sue.

You cannot sue the fire department if they fail to save your house. You cannot sue the police department if fail to respond to your 911 call. In general you cannot sue the city over services like this.

But Sarah Buel's real problem is that it calls into question the collective action she has promoted for 30 years.
How can we begin to take matters into our own hands? Perhaps we need a Web site where women could post the names of unresponsive officers.

Unfair, you think? But what else can we do if the court won’t stand up for us?
Well we can start taking matters into our own hands, by standing up for ourselves and not relying on the police. Learn self-defense and formulate some type of plan. Purchase a firearm and learn how to use it. In short we can take personal responsibility for own security and the security of our families. Relying on police to protect us from violence (whether domestic abuse or street crime) is wishful thinking. Police are usually called to a scene after a crime has occurred.

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