Friday, August 19, 2005

Never Underestimate the Power of Human Stupidity

In Jefferson, snake bites the hand that tries to save it OK, I understand the urge to make sure an animal doesn't get hit by a car. But to pick up a snake you are unfamiliar with is just plain stupid.
"It was a good thing to do, but the wrong way to do it. I wouldn't recommend anyone touch a venomous snake unless they know what they are doing," [Joe Abene, venomous snake expert at the Bronx Zoo] said. "What the heck was he thinking?"
A bite from any number other speicies would have been fatal.

Too much like like Timothy Treadwell, the man who thought Grizzly Bears were missunderstood. Turns out he was the one who misunderstood. He was killed by a Grizzly, because they are killers when threatened. (Video tape shows his girlfriend - also killed - very close to a mother and her cub.)

Also brings to mind the recent shark attacks in Florida. Rare, but you should be aware of where they are. (There are always sharks.) Or the case of the boy swimming in a place known to have aligators. He died too.

The universe is a dangerous place. It's best to be careful.

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