Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Oil-for-Food Exec Pleads Guilty

Chicago Tribune | Ex-UN aide admits acts of bribery In the first of what is should be many cases, a Useless Nitwits United Nations OFF executive pleads guilty to taking bribes.
Secretary General Kofi Annan waived diplomatic immunity for Alexander Yakovlev, a senior procurement officer, so that he could be prosecuted in U.S. courts. Yakovlev pleaded guilty to three counts of conspiracy, wire fraud and money laundering, offenses that could bring 20 years each.
Apologists for Annan are worried that Volker and Co. are not sensitive to Annan’s reputation and position.
But some UN officials say they are concerned that the panel's comprehensive report--due days before a landmark UN summit of world leaders--would weaken Annan, especially if it says he lied to investigators.
They aren't worried that he actually lied to investigators, just that this might be exposed in the press.

The Tribune goes out of its way to reinforce the idea "that there was no evidence that Annan influenced the awarding of the contract to Cotecna," where his son worked. But I am not one for believing in coincidence, not when the nature of the coincidence is suspect, as it is in this case.

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