Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Overcoming Stereotypes and Promoting Self-defense

Herald.com | 08/16/2005 | Group packs heat to fight hate crimes
And if some redneck decides he's going to harass or harm me, he'll be thinking twice about it pretty quickly
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I have written about the Pink Pistols before. Just earlier this week I wrote about them. They are a group dedicated to ending violence through legal self-defense. Making it more risky to engage in Gay Bashing, will reduce the frequency of the attacks.

This article profiles the efforts to start a Fort Lauderdale chapter.
Last week, Jackson hosted the group's first meeting at his home, drawing six people. The Pistols will gather in early September, he said, at the shooting range at Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World off Griffin Road.

Pink Pistols members don't have to register or pay fees. "Some people don't want it out there that they're gay," said Jackson. "Or, that they own firearms."
There are also stereotypes to overcome, not just in the general population, but in the gay community itself.
When I ask them, "Why haven't you considered getting a gun?" they just say, "Well, because I'm gay!"

"It's a ridiculous stereotype," he said. "That we're too queeny or that guns scare us. I don't have to be straight to have good aim."
Hate crimes are on the rise in Florida, at least against the GLTB community (I don't have stats for other targeted groups). Advocacy for self-defense covers many minority communities.
There are other gun-owner' groups for minority populations whose members believe that the law fails to protect them from bigots: Jews for the Preservation of Firearms; the Second Amendment Sisters, which caters to women of all backgrounds; and the Tenth Cavalry Gun Club, named after the U.S. Army Civil War regiment of black soldiers.
The Second Amendment exists, in part, to enable citizens to protect themselves from violent attack, which is especially important for groups more likely to be attacked. The Pink Pistols exists to overcome that violence.

[Via Alphecca's Weekly Check on the Bias. There is more good stuff over there, so go take a look.]

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