Friday, August 26, 2005

Shooting Sports: Cowboy Mounted Shooting

The News-Bulletin: Shoot 'em up cowboys - Cowboy Action Shooting has been in the news lately. Mounted shooting is a variation on the Single Action Shooting for horse lovers.

Using black-powder blanks to shoot balloons while on horseback, Cowboy Mounted Shooting attempts to recapture some of the old west.
"It's not easy hitting a target while on a moving horse," [Kay Rivers] said. "You have to keep your arm straight and look right down the arm to aim. If you bend your elbow, or take your eye off the balloon, you're going to miss."
And you need a horse that won't be bothered by gunfire.

The format is that of a modified barrel race, which is not easy in its own right. Speed and accuracy determine the score.

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