Sunday, August 14, 2005

Talk is Cheap

Telegraph | Iran 'kept EU talking' while it finished nuclear plant

Lots of people believe negotiations are everything. We shouldn't make a move as long as the people on the other side of the table are willing to talk. The problem is Iran (just to name one party) has figured out that to keep the west in check all they have to do is talk.

But they don't have to negotiate in good faith.
An Iranian foreign policy official has boasted that the regime bought extra time over its stalled negotiations with Europe to complete a uranium conversion plant.

In comments that will infuriate EU diplomats, Hosein Musavian said that Teheran took advantage of the nine months of talks, which collapsed last week, to finish work at its Isfahan enrichment facility.
The IAEA and everyone else at the Useless Nitwits United Nations - not to mention the EU - let Iran continue work on nuclear weapons.
Mr Musavian also claimed that work on nuclear centrifuges at a plant at Natanz, which was kept secret until Iran's exiled opposition revealed its existence in 2002, progressed during the negotiations.
Centrifuges are not used in a nuclear energy program.

So when you couple a UN that seems to be incapable of making anyone do anything, together with the US government's complete lack of border control, I believe it is only a matter of time before a nuclear bomb is smuggled in to the country. A few years is all it will take. I hope I don't live in a target city.

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