Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Teflon-coated BS

The Ink Well: Teflon-Coated Baloney Now Dupont is being sued over Teflon to the tune of 5 Billion dollars.

Of course there is no proof that Teflon causes cancer. And the ingredient in Teflon that does (when administered in huge amounts to rats) is destroyed in the manufacturing process.
But that hasn’t stopped the lawyers from suing. "DuPont has known for over 20 years that the Teflon product and the PFOA chemical it contains causes cancer in laboratory animals," one of them told the Associated Press. "I don’t have to prove that it causes cancer. I only have to prove that DuPont lied in a massive attempt to continue selling their product."

Don’t have to "prove" that Teflon causes cancer in humans? That’s the way class-action lawsuits go these days: The game-plan isn’t to take your case to trial, where the rules actually do require you to "prove" that the defendant actually injured your client, but to wring a huge settlement out of a big corporation via the threat of bad publicity. As science-sanity maven Michael Fumento writes: "They’ve cooked up a scary story, adding a dollop of hyperbole for good measure. Unfortunately, they left out common sense and science."
Lack of proof of harm was added to legal system to enable the states to extort money from the tobacco companies. Now everyone and everything is at risk.

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