Monday, August 29, 2005

A voice of reason

Other Voices: Gay unions pose no threat to traditional marriage I have had many discussions with (so-called) religious people in the past few months about same sex unions. I have yet to have anyone explain to me what they are afraid will happen.
Worried about same-sex marriage causing the end to your traditional union?

My wife and I will soon celebrate 27 years of "traditional marriage" to each other. We have two young adult children. Like all marriages, we faced various challenges, but never once was our union jeopardized by knowing that in our community lived gay couples, who like us were essentially married and raising children.
The most I can get out most of people ardently opposed to gay marriage seems to be a deep-seated fear that if they give up their opposition to gay marriage, people will think that they are gay.

Gay marriage is now legal in Massachusetts, and is likely to stay that way. What impact does it have on you? (Unless you are gay and married in MA of course.) It impacts you not in the least - or not very much.

People then fall back on the "it is an assault on their values" defense. If your values cannot stand up to a little opposition, then I submit you don't hold them very strongly. Jews have been persecuted for centuries for holding different beliefs than the Christian societies in which they have lived. Yet they still hold those beliefs, even in the face of death and torture - the Spanish Inquisition, the Pogroms, etc. If you can't resist efforts of the masses to change your values and beliefs, then I submit you don't have a very storng hold on those beliefs.

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