Thursday, August 04, 2005

Woman refuses to be a victim

2theAdvocate: Addis, LA, man critical after being shot by ex-girlfriend. This story is definitely worth celebrating! An innocent life was defended from what I can only characterize as a deranged lunatic.

Too often, I read stories of women killed by ex-boyfriends and ex-husbands. Men who say they love the women so much they are driven to abuse and kill them. (I don't understand their warped minds, but this seems to be their position.) But today we have the story of a woman who refused to be a victim, and stopped this man in his tracks.
Dedrick Broussard, 35, was shot on the shoulder and is in critical condition. Chief Ricky Anderson of the Addis Police Department said it was a case of a bitter break-up that led to frequent threats. Anderson said the woman had bought the gun recently because she feared for her safety.

According to police, Broussard sat on his ex-girlfriend's front doorstep, talking to her on a cell phone. She wouldn't let him inside, so he broke the door down. That's when shots were fired, and neighbor Angel Dix called 911.
She overcame the idea that the system would protect her, and took action to defend herself; she purchased a weapon. (Do waiting periods make sense for this woman?)
[Image by Oleg Volk, of A-Human-Right]

Once Broussard gets out of the hospital, he will be prosecuted "for breaking into the home and for stalking." Maybe he will learn the lesson and stay away from her, or maybe not. Some mutants are slow learning what "No!" means, even when it is punctuated with hot lead.

Self-defense is a Human Right.

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