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32nd Carnival of Cordite

Resistance is futile!: Carnival of Cordite #32 Some political, some not. Lots of Gun Pron (mis-spelled for a reason!). Go take a look.

Neville Chamberlain: The Patron Saint of Appeasement

British Historical Documents: "Peace for Our Time," 1938 Wonder what appeasement can get you? Take a look at Neville Chamberlain. It is the anniversary of that famous speech, made on the eve of World War II.
My good friends, for the second time in our history, a British Prime Minister has returned from Germany bringing peace with honor. I believe it is "peace for our time." Go home and get a nice quiet sleep
Chamberlain decided not to enforce the treaty that ended World War I, even though Germany was clearly in breach of the treaty. And he didn't care if Germany invaded other countries, what was the suffering in Eastern Europe to the UK after all? It all came back to haunt England just a few short years later.

Appeasement has not gone out of style of course. It is today being practiced all over Europe and by America's Left. Let's hope history doesn't repeat itself. [h/t Tammy Bruce who has a lot to say about the Left, and what they share with Chamberlain.]

Guns as Art: Holland and Holland - The bespoke gun: "Holland & Holland." Have 75 thousand dollars? You can buy an economy-model Royale shotgun from Holland and Holland. Engraving, extra barrels will push the price to 100 grand. (The case can cost $5000.)

Holland & Holland from Holland & Holland on Vimeo.

A top-end model will go for more than 200 grand. Bespoke guns such as these are usually ordered in pairs. One intersting thing about Holland and Holland is that they have a showroom in Manhattan, what many consider to be the gun control capital of the east (though I vote for Boston). [hat tip Alphecca]

Florida Vacation, or Chicago Vacation?

Alphecca: Brady Bunch Poster Alphecca has an intersting look at the current Brady Bunch frenzie over the new Florida Castle Doctrine law that goes into effect October 1, 2005. He has a copy of the current poster from the gun-fearing weenies, and a poster about taking a vacation in Chicago.

Firearms training in Cincinnati

Giolla Sceithe
Giolla Sceithe, LLC - Firearms training, in-home defense, personal safety Giolla Sceithe (pronounced "gell uh skay uh") is a top-nothch group of people. If anyone in the greater Cincinnati area is in need of firearms training, I can recommend these guys without reservation. Mary Fox and Greg Cox - the two people who run the company - have been teaching in Cincinnati for more than 20 years.

The classes are fun, safety always comes first, and you will learn a lot.

Please Don't Feed the Animals - News - Homeowner Kills Bear On His Porch Homeowner shoots bear on his front porch. Colorado Division of Wildlife blames area residents.
[Lucas Martin, district wildlife manager for Lake City,] had been told that some people in Lake City were intentionally feeding the bears and other wildlife and he even received reports that people had been seen petting the cubs.

"Feeding bears is illegal and it is dangerous for humans and the animals," Martin said.
It is not a good thing to make wild animals associate humans and food. It is not a good thing to reduce thier natural fear of us. "The DOW offers this reminder: A fed bear is a dead bear."

The only good news to come out of this story is that the 2 cubs were captured and will be raised and trained to survive in the wild.[KABA]

Burglar Stabs Homeowner, is Shot for His Trouble

Corpus Christi, TX - Homeowner shoots burglary suspect Danny Dunn of Corpus Christi shot Daniel Holcomb 3 times after he cut Dunn on the hand and face - 49 stiches.

Holcomb left blood and prints at the scene and police caught up with him at a local hospital. [h/t KABA]

Thursday, September 29, 2005

I should say something about concealed carry in Wisconsin

But I feel as though I had said it all before.

The left - aided by the MSM - is going on about how concealed carry in Wisconsin will increase violence and lead to all kinds of death, mayhem and destruction. (Any news search should turn up collection of articles. I see no reason to drive traffic to any of the sites in question.) The fact that all of these same horrors were predicted in every other state and never came true seems to be lacking from the discussion. Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia... do not resemble the "wild west."

But why clutter the issue with facts?

Political Meme

You are a

Social Liberal
(70% permissive)

and an...

Economic Conservative
(85% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

Gratuitous Gun Posting

Toys in the Attic: Janie's Got a Gun and a nice photo of a Marlin 30-30 lever rifle. "This round has (arguably) killed (and wounded) the most deer in the history of deer hunting."

Still Expecting the Government to Protect You?

They can barely protect people in a secure location like a court house (or a jail).

Sarasota inmate found with loaded gun - this was inside a court-house. Apparently he had the gun in jail. (The prisoner now faces several additonal gun-related charges.)

One Memorial Saved, One to Go

Ground Zero 'freedom center' is history. It drew too much opposition from the families of victims.

Now we just need to stop the creation of an Islamic Crescent as the memorial to Flight 93.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Triple Homicide Caught on 911 Tape

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAn eight minute tape from a 911 call detailed how Freda Elliot, her daughter Rachel and son Seth were killed by Freda's ex-husband, Parker Ray Elliot.
One of the saddest parts of the whole story, to me, is that Freda Elliott had done everything right. Once she realized her husband was never going to stop hitting her, she'd made a plan and left him. She took her children and went to a safe place. She worked with a domestic violence shelter to figure out her options. She divorced him. She got a legal order of protection to keep him away from her.

Yet still, her children were trained to run and get the baseball bat if he knocked on the door. Tragically, a .22-caliber semiautomatic pistol with 40 rounds of bullets trumps a baseball bat every time.
The lesson I take away from this would be that all 3 of the victims, (Rachel 18 and Seth 15 and their mother) should have been armed with something a bit more powerful than a baseball bat. At least one of them may have survived. No guarantee of course - there are no guarantees in this life. But 2 shotguns and a revolver would probably trump one handgun in most situations.

Calling for help is a good thing - and that is recommended. But, as I have said before, in the minutes you have when confronted by a violent attacker, you must be prepared to rely on your own means of self-defense.

Left's Answer to Domestic Violence: Candlelight Vigils

For those of you who are unaware, October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM). While I am all for raising awareness, there is virtually no mention of self-defense as having a part of this month mentioned in the MSM. (Perhaps the focus should not be awareness; perhaps the month should be rechristened "Domestic Violence Response Month.")

A typical piece on DVAM discusses activities like a candlelight vigil, a workshop luncheon, and a seminar on bullying. All of these are good things, but they don't really stop domestic violence at the point of injury.

I did find one article on DVAM that speaks of self-defense. It mentions that pepper spray will be available for purchase (at what seems to be a wildly inflated price!). Don't get me wrong. I am all in favor of pepper spray. The large canisters that shoot 10 ounces in one attack (as opposed to the small 10 once containers) are wonderful things. But the fact that there is only one article covering any kind of defense is troubling.

Seminars on restraining orders are fine. Workshops are wonderful. But women (and the few men) who are faced with domestic abuse really need to have some effective self-defense.

To be fair, I am certain that as October actually arrives, more articles will be published on the subject. I don't expect self-defense to become more prominent in the left's thinking.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Kashmiri Women form Village Defense Committee

Kashmiri women take up arms for self-protection Women in remote villages are taking up arms against militants who had been preying on them. [The original story is gone, see this copy.]

Image hosted by
"I am proud to fight a Jihad [holy war] against marauders who have cheated us of our dignity and honor," says Shamima Akhter, the 30-year-old commander of this particular women's group.

"Militants who would force us to provide them shelter, food and at times to entertain them physically were harassing us physically and mentally. If we opposed them they would commit rapes or kill our family members. We wanted to confront them and the only way to do it was to acquaint ourselves with the basic functioning of guns and grenades," she added.
The men typically work in other countries, leaving women, children and the elderly alone in remote mountainous regions.

India does not have the resources to protect every remote village, so they provided training and firearms to each Village Defense Committee (VDC). "At least 450 such VDCs are now functional in Jammu and Kashmir." The militia in action.

The formation of the 1st all women's VDC arose from a tragedy.
To avenge [the 2003 killings of militants], a Lashkar group in April 2004 attacked Kulali village and killed 14 women and children while the men were out on an operation.

Later, in June 2004, the militants executed another attack, which was repulsed by a woman, Khatoon Begum, who had learned to use a 303 Rifle from her son. Although she died in the attack her act helped save at least a dozen members of her family from Islamic guerrillas.

"Khatoon Begum's daring act lead to the foundation of all Muslim women VDC. We were supported by our husbands and fathers and thus trained ourselves in the operation of 303 rifles, SLRs, grenade throwing and other military aspects of how to react and repulse a militant attack", stated another women fighter, Shahnaz.
I wonder what the gun-grabbing left has to say about this. Do these women have the right to defend themselves against rape? Do they have the right to protect the stores of food they and their families need to survive? Or should they "retreat" or "give the criminal what he wants," they way so many are advised? [h/t KABA]

Only 6% of Violent Crime Involve Firearms

LibertyThat intersting little tidbit of information comes from a Justice Department report on violent crime. The headlines all trumpet the fact that violent crime is at 30 year lows. All demographic groups - including those most at risk - are experiencing lower crime, and that is a wonderful thing.

But the 6% figure, if reported widely, would cut the legs from under the gun grabbers. Why focus on 6% of the problem? Why not look at the other 94%?
Looking at it another way, the number of violent crimes involving a firearm was 34 percent lower in 2004 than it was in 2000 and 73 percent lower in 2004 than in 1993.
Even better, this 6% figure would make it difficult for them to demonize an object, a tool, and force them to look at root causes, and other solutions for violent crime.

The other solutions include get tough on crime policies that send criminals away for a long time, and armed citizens who are empowered to defend themselves.

The left complains about the "get tough" policies that have filled prisons, but the results speak for themselves. Violent crime is reduced. (Some sentencing guidlines may need to be changed, but don't attack the entire system, not when that system is working.)

Survey after survey report that what criminals fear most is an armed citizen. Empowered to defend ourselves, we don't have to arrest anyone, we just shoot until the threat is neutralized.
[hat tip Keep and Bear Arms]

Missed it by that much

Don Adams, TV's Maxwell Smart from Get Smart passed away at the age of 82. As stupid as that show was - and it thrived on being stupid - I loved it. Control versus KAOS (representing the interests of the "Not-So-Free World".) The one-liners were great.
I happen to know that at this very moment seven coast guard cutters are converging on this boat. Would you believe it? Seven. Would you believe six? How about two cops in a rowboat?
Goodbye Max.

Salvador Dali Conducts the Best of Me Symphony

#96 Best of Me Symphony One of my favorite artists! And a madman to boot. (If you are ever in St. Pete, Florida a trip to the Dali museum is worth the few hours it will take to see. Take one of the tours, as the docents will explain what you are seeing.)
There is only one difference between a madman and me. The madman thinks he is sane. I know I am mad.
-Salvador Dali

Monday, September 26, 2005

Hypocrisy on the Gun-controlling Front: Schumer and Feinstein Pack Heat

Second Amendment Hypocrites: Senators Schumer and Feinstein Pack Heat Via KABA comes this interesting story of 2 anti-gun senators who have concealed carry permits.

From New York:
[A] check of Pistol License records shows that Senator Schumer possesses an "unrestricted" pistol permit, a rarity in New York City. Licenses are distributed in different categories in the Big Apple: Target Permits allow only use of a firearm at a licensed firing range; Premises Permits allow weapons to be kept in a home or apartment; Restricted Permits allow the gunowner to carry their firearms concealed but only within the purview of their job (security, jewelers, armored car guards, etc.). So it's evident that Senator Schumer has two sets of rules -- one for Americans and one for himself.
And from California:
And then we have Senator Diane Feinstein on the Left Coast who possesses something more rare than a conservative Republican in San Francisco -- an unrestricted concealed weapons permit. Apparently without shame, she participated in a citywide gun turn-in program that was intended to create some kind of statue from the donated guns that were to be melted down. One of her police body guards let it slip that she contributed a cheap model for the meltdown, while retaining her .357 magnum revolver for her own personal self-defense.
A .357? Whodathunkit?

You won't see this story in the Mainstream Media, since that would involve attacks on their favorite anti-gun politicos.

One of the tests for the existence of a police state is "do the same rules apply to everyone." Schumer and Feinstein apparently believe that they should have special treatment. (Schumer also makes frequent use of NY City cops as his personal security force.) Who is it that is supposed to be on the side of the average citizen?

Justifiable Homicides

From a story about Detroit, we get an interesting look at self-defense around the nation.
Image hosted by

I find it interesting that in Chicago, where the law-abiding have been disarmed, self-defense still happens.

Satillites to Watch Greek Borders

Greece looks to heavens for security So why don't we do something like this?
This country has lost control of its borders. And no country can sustain that kind of position.
-Ronald Reagan
Hat tip Absinthe & Cookies

A Pro-gun Article out Massachusetts

Well, Pro Gun Club, anyway...Pistol packin' passion. A nice review of various clubs and activites from hunting to target shooting, with both men and women members represented. [Via KABA]

US Crime Rate Holding Near Lows

Alphecca has a nice comparison of what is happening with crime in the UK, versus the US.

As I noted earlier, Scotland has been declared the most violent country by the UN. New Zealand, Australia, and other "countries where the government disarmed their law-abiding serfs," also have high crime.

While here in the good old USA, where more and more people are legally entitled to carry weapons for self-defense, the crime rate is holding near 30-year-lows.
CNN: Since 1993, violent crime as measured by victim surveys has fallen by 57 percent and property crime by 50 percent. That has included a 9 percent drop in violent crime from 2001-2002 to 2003-2004.
The CNN article does not mention concealed carry as one of the reasons crime is low. That would constitute an attack on their own anti-gun position after all.

Disarming people, telling them to "give criminals what they want," (which is exactly what the UK does) and making it illegal to defend one's self have had the predicable effects - they have encouraged crime, by making it safer and more profitable. Witness the increase in crime in Scotland, and the UK. Arming peolpe, giving them the tools they need to defend themselves and recognizing their right to self-defense makes crime more dangerous. This deters crime.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Denial Aint Just a River in Egypt - It seems to run through Scotland as well

The Sunday Times - Scotland: Minister decides denial is the best policy for fighting crime Scotish officials, upset that the UN has called them the most violent country in the developed world, got right on the problem.
In a leader last week, we cautioned that the easy response was to go on the defensive, question the evidence, anything but face up to the reality.

Yet the day after The Sunday Times published details of a UN study naming Scotland as the most violent country in the developed world, Cathy Jamieson, the justice minister, did all those things.
Of course all of this is easier than actually fighting crime.

The authorites have made it illegal for citizens to defend themselves, and they denied any effective means of defense anyway. Why are they surprised that crime is on the rise? (Make something more expensive, and you get less of it.)

Restraining Order, Call to 911 Fail to Protect Woman

Estranged boyfriend charged in attack Yet another example of a restraining order and a call to 911 fail to stop a domestic violence attack.
A woman who saw her estranged boyfriend approaching her house in spite of a domestic violence injunction called 911 for help Wednesday, but by the time deputies arrived, she had been stabbed several times, the Pasco County Sheriff's Office reported.
A gun may not have protected Donna Johnston, but relying on "the system" for protection proved disasterous. She is in fair condition after having been flown to a local trauma center.

Homeowner Justified in Shooting

The Boston Globe: Homeowner cleared in killing Geoffrey Hamann, killed Bryan Gaedtke on September 15th, after a naked Gaedtke broke into Hamann's house, ignoring warnings to stay away.

Authorities have concluded Hamann shot to protect his wife and children and could reasonably assume "the intruder would harm him and his family."

Friday, September 23, 2005

31st Carnival of Cordite

Resistance is futile!: Carnival of Cordite #31. A great carnival, as always. Check out the machine gun shoot (complete with video). And an explosion or 2 thrown in for good measure.

TFS Magnum: Year One

Well that got here faster than I expected.

Last year at this time, like many people, I was angry about how the election was going. In particular the spin and predictions of doom that accompanied the end of the so-called Assault Weapns Ban was driving me crazy. (They were not Assault weapons, nothing was ever banned, ...) So, I started a blog. (My first post)

Kerry and his whole "I am a friend to the Second Amendment" song and dance also made me cringe.

But a year later, I have to ask myself if it all matters in any way. "What am I doing this for?" is a question I am having trouble answering.

Several people have given up lately. Countertop Chronicles came closest to capturing my feelings:
As I sit here, after almost 2 and 1/2 years of blogging I shudder to think of all the time I could have spent more productively ....

While its been fun (and heck, adictive), I've come to a point in my life where I just don't see myself capable of justifying the time needed to keep this blog up.
I could in a few months worth of hard work, probably finish most of the work on my boat and leave. The carribean seems less inviting after 2 years of horrible hurricanes that even hit the traditional summer hide-away of Grenada. (It just isn't supposed to get hit by hurricanes, and it was nearly wiped out last year.)

So while I won't stop blogging, I will probably blog less and less.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Good Guys 2, Bad Guys 0 - no thanks to 911

Henderson Home Invasion Raises 911 Problems What do you want 911 operators doing while someone is trying (and succeeding) to brake into your house?
Not only do they handle police calls, but they handle fire calls, animal control, public works calls. They were very busy and flooded with calls at that time." The Henderson Police Department makes no excuses. Rasmussen adds the Chief of Police says emergency calls should be answered faster.
In the meantime, Joey Bolden and Tyrone DelMarlo Bolden, cousins, were busy breaking into Todd Rasmussen's house. He called 911 but there was no answer for 1 minute and 18 seconds. He had hung up and tried again before that was answered - he waited another 25 seconds on the 2nd call.

An officer was dispatched about 2 minutes after the 1st call and arrived 4 minutes later. Total wait time was only 6 minutes (not bad by 911 standards), but it wasn't fast enough to really do any good. The 2 suspects were shot and left before the officer arrived.

The 2 cousins were caught by police at the hospital. One is in jail (having been treated and released), the other is still in the hospital.

Father Drowns Daughter to Punish Mother

What kind of punishment is appropriate for a man who would drown his three-year-old daughter to get back at his wife (who moved out and filed for divorce)? Lethal injection is too easy for this. Police: Man drowned daughter so mother couldn't have her.

What were this child's last moments like?
[T]estimony earlier in the day from former Macomb County Medical Examiner Werner Spitz held that if she was sleeping normally, she probably woke up and knew what was happening to her.

“Drowning elicits a violent reaction - a fear of death, a fear of dying,” he said.
Monsters like this make me crazy. His daughter was a thing to be used to punish his estranged wife for having the nerve to leave him.

Cotillion - Late Edition

Steal The Bandwagon: Late but always great edition Due to technical difficulties beyond our control, a portion of Tuesday's Cotillion was not published. That oversight has been corrected. Enjoy

Call 911 on your cell phone and wait to die - News - Woman Calls 911 Before She Is Killed. OK all you folk's on the left who say that personal defense is not necessary, tell me why this woman is dead when she did exactly what Sarah Brady and Co. recommend, call 911 and wait to be rescued.

Of course in this case, the 18-year-old was not rescued. The police did get there in time to arrest the murderer, but that doesn't do her any good. And it doesn't say how long she had to wait. Since the mutant is being held on murder and sexual assault, my guess is she had to wait a long time before she was killed.

Having a gun may not have saved this woman - there are no guarantees in this life. But dialing 911 and hoping to be rescued is no guarantee either, and when you consider the time it takes police to arrive your chances of avoiding injury are small.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Rita 3rd strongest hurricane ever (by internal pressure)

Hurricane RITA Update Internal pressure has fallen to 898 milibars, making Rita the 3rd strongest hurricane on record behind 1988's Hurricane Gilbert (888 milibars) and 1945 Labor Day Hurricane (892 millibars).

A Powerful Will to Survive and a Gun

The Detroit News recognizes the two things you need in a conditions like post-Katrina New Orleans in Katrina chaos boosts case for 2nd Amendment - 09/18/05.

Government likes to pretend it is the solution to every problem, but it is not. Government likes to pretend it is capable of handling any situation, but it is not. And the solution is not bigger government. The solution is self-reliant individuals.
Order can deteriorate in this country to the point where nothing stands between the law-abiding citizen and the marauding mob except blue steel. It happened in New Orleans. It can happen anywhere else in America at anytime.
Anyone who doesn't know why law-abiding citizens should have guns hasn't been watching the aftermath of Katrina in New Orleans. [NRA-ILA]

Is a Hate Crime Defense Aganist Murder

Image hosted by Photobucket.comWhat I think of you (or you of me) should make no difference in the legality of our actions. You are free to think what you want, or you should be.

But in America today, what you think can be a "mitigating circumstance" in murder. The Vang trial showed us this. Does a Hate Crime justify murder? Is name-calling a crime? "They hated me, so they deserved what they got," as a defense was on display in Wisconsin. 09/20/05 - Chai Vang And The Hate Crime Self-Defense Claim details some of the nastier bits.
  • In "self-defense," Vang walked back towards the victims

  • He chased two of them for quite a distance…and testified that one of the men was running very fast

  • He hid in the bushes waiting for others to respond to the call for help issued by one the victims—then he shot a man and a woman in the back, knocking them off their ATV

  • He testified that at least three of them had it coming
Is any of this justified by name-calling? NO! But our liberal friends want hate to be outlawed.
Seriously, reconcile this if you can: Most liberals think abortion should be legal but racism should not.


This means a woman can choose to end the life of her unborn child but she can’t choose to dislike people.
Outlawing "hate" is another way of saying that they want to outlaw certain thoughts. (Is that A Brave New World, or 1984?) In a free society, you must be free to think whatever you chose or to say whatever you think - even if it is wrong, even if it is hateful. Actions should be controlled by law, not thoughts.

Carnival of Liberty XII

Sunni and the Conspirators is home to the Carnival of Liberty XII. With most of the entries focusing on issues of personal liberty - I thought my entry fit in, but Sunni saw it otherwise.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

File it Under Bonfire of the Vanities...

File it Under: This blog is George W. Bush's fault... has this week's Bonfire.

I offered my contribution to cat blogging. (Great story! Too bad it isn't true.)

Remembering a Life Cut Short

From Stacy at Not a Desperate Housewife:
On September 16, 2001, my nephew and seven of his friends were killed by a drunk driver. I spent the entirety of last week, remembering, honoring and hopefully touching individuals regarding the seriousness of drinking and driving.

Below are the links for each day, I hope that you read them and in addition pass them on to your friends and family and hopefully make a difference in this nation. Thank you.
Blogging For Cody, Day One

Blogging For Cody, Day Two

Blogging For Cody, Day Three

Blogging For Cody, Day Four

Blogging For Cody, Day Five

Technorati Tag =

Cotillion for the 20th of September

Image hosted by
Everyone is entitled to our opinion...

Fistful of Fortnights: Apples and Oranges Ideas

Knowledge Is Power: Celebrating the diversity of the Cotillion

Soldiers' Angel - Holly Aho: The Cotillion Ball - I'm a Host Again!

And at the main Cotillion Site.

Shooting Sports: 10-year-old huntress gets rare ram permit and the ram | outdoors : Old ram no match for 10-year-old huntress Entered in the lottery to win a rare permit by her father, 10-year-old Rachel Juliussen won that permit.

Rachel, her father and grandfather went into Ram Country in Alaska, and she got a full-curl Dall sheep from 280 yards.
"I knew I could do it," Rachel said.

She nestled into the stock of the .243, trying to get as steady as possible, and squeezed the trigger. The rifle roared. And Rachel had herself a spectacular full-curl ram with 38-inch horns.
They will eat the meat - it is frozen - and the head and horns are being mounted as a trophy.

Hunting is one of those sports that women have been excluded from - mostly by tradition. But Rachel comes by her hunting honestly - her mother killed a black bear at 11. [hat tip KABA]

Monday, September 19, 2005

End of Clinton's Gun Ban was over 1 year ago � The News Journal � End of gun ban has little effect in state No increase reported in crimes using previously banned arms

Streets filled with dead bodies. AK-47's everywhere. Death, mayhem, destruction. The usual predictions of the gun fearing weenies were out in force last year when Clinton's gun ban expired.

The truth is somewhat less dramatic.
With the one-year anniversary of the expiration of the ban passing quietly last week, the reality has proved much less grim. The assault-weapons ban went out with a whimper, not a bang.

Although precise figures are not available, police in Delaware have not reported an increase in crimes committed with previously banned weapons.
Sarah Brady is still hoping for a ban. All of those horrors are "just around the corner" she fears.

The truth is that this so-called ban never had the slightest impact. "Clinton's own Justice Department came to the conclusion that the ban would have no effect on the criminal use of firearms."

Both the NRA and SAF want to contact people who had guns confiscated

In preparation for lawsuits over gun confiscations both groups are looking for people who actually had guns confiscated.

National Rifle Association:
If you have personally had a gun confiscated in Louisiana since Hurricane Katrina hit, please call (888) 414-6333. Be prepared to leave only your name and immediate contact information so we can get back to you. Once again, we are seeking contact information from actual victims of gun confiscation in Louisiana only.
Second Amendment Foundation:
SAF wants to speak directly with individuals who have actually had their firearms confiscated. If you, or someone you know, has had a firearm seized by authorities in the New Orleans area in the days following the hurricane, SAF needs to hear from you.

Contact SAF via e-mail at Please provide us with your full name, address, current working telephone number and the date and time of the firearm(s) seizure. Please also let us know the best time of day for us to reach you at that number.
Hat tip Keep and Bear Arms

It Be Time to Talk Like A Pirate You Lubbers

Image hosted by Photobucket.comTalk Like A Pirate Day - September 19 Avast you land lubbers. September 19th be International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Sounds pretty silly says you? Tis a day for hard drinking fun says I.

95th Edition of The Best of Me Symphony

The Owner's Manual: #95 Best of Me Symphony. This week's Symphony is guest-conducted by Salman Rushdie.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Here We go Again

here we go again
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Another storm headed for South Florida and then into the Gulf

Can a Storm Like Katrina Hit New York City?

THE BIG ONE Can NYC be hit by a major hurricane? Yes. (It has been hit in the past...) It will probably make NOLA look tame by comparission. Is there a plan to evacuate? [hat tip to Kathy at On the Third Hand]

Home invaders run away when confronted

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThe Union Leader and New Hampshire Sunday News - 18-Sep-05 - Home invaders turn heel when ‘confronted’ inside
The police won't say how (or with what) the homeowner "confronted" the home invaders, but I'm guessing a firearm.
A “No Trespassing” sign is posted on a white picket fence in front of the residence while a decal, with a drawing of a hand holding a revolver pointed outward at a caller, warns:

If you are found here tonight
You will be found here tomorrow
You have to wonder why the two mutants would break into that house in the first place. At least they had the brains to scamper away like rats when confronted with a firearm.

Kids drugged at alarming rates

Telegraph | News | Alarm as prescriptions of Ritalin to children reach a record high. Is all of this really necessary, or is western society drugging kids for the adults (parents and teachers) convenience?
Last night, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, an organisation that campaigns against psychiatric violations of human rights, condemned the increasing prescription of drugs for children. "Too many psychiatrists are being irresponsible in prescribing mood-altering drugs which are pharmacologically similar to cocaine, and then claiming they have 'cured' children of their 'condition'," said a spokesman.

"Some children may be a little boisterous but psychiatry's fixation on labelling such difficulties and prescribing medication is nothing more than pseudo science. Children are being drugged into submission."
There is no test for ADHD. Kids are diagnosed based on questions to parents and teachers, that look for "symptoms including restlessness, inattentiveness and fidgeting." What kid doesn't exhibit these behaviors from time to time? (Besides the ones tanked up on drugs that is...)

Historic Afghan Vote

Telegraph | News | Afghanistan votes in historic parliamentary elections. Attacks by the Taliban have failed to stop the election.
Insurgents launched more than a dozen attacks in an effort to derail the historic parliamentary elections, which will elect a lower house of parliament and provincial councils.
If find it interesting that when the Islamofacists believe they cannot win an election, they try to stop the election. If they really believed in their message, wouldn't they just campaign harder? Or does the fact people reject their message when given a free choice just drive them over the edge?

In Afganistan at any rate Democracy marches on.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

annika's journey into the world of guns

annika's journal: New Gun Nut Progress Report III. Nice range report on Sig, Glock and H&K.

I don't like the Glock either Annika.

I suppose the Brady Bunch would view this as a turn to "Dark side," but I say this is Annika's journey into the light - of reason that is. [h/t Publicola]

House of Flying Daggers

Ziyi Zhang from House of Flying Daggers

OK, I usually put the movie reviews and other stuff over at Log of Zendo. But Hero is one of my favorite movies of all time, so I had to take a look at House of Flying Daggers, since it is by the same director, Zhang Yimou.

While not as engaging as Hero, House of Flying Daggers is a great movie. It is visually stunning, it has a great love story, and it contains enough amazing fight scenes to make the "action film" fans happy.

If you haven't seen either of these films, I recommend them highly. Hero I can recommend to everyone. Even if you don't like action films, you will like Hero. The love story alone is worthwhile. The fights scenes are more like dances than anything I have ever seen on film.

Warning: These are NOT Hollywood films. Happy endings are not guaranteed. (And watch in Chinese with English subtitles.... you do know how to read don't you?)

Why Would Sam Rami Choose Someone Else to Direct "Evil Dead"

The Evil Dead (2006)

For that matter why would you remake Evil Dead? OK, he can command bigger budgets, but so what. Those 3 movies (Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, Army of Darkness) are classics.

Is he going to remake Army of Darkness with someone besides Bruce Campbell? "You want summa this? Do Yah?" Where will find someone with a chin to replace Campbell? Doesn't Think Katrina Relief is Worthwhile

Never mind that people are still trying to pick up the pieces of their lives, the Dems have a better idea for what you can do with your money. Don't bother with silly things like food, clothing, shelter and medicine; donate to Blogs for Bush: Using Katrina to Solicit Donations For Partisan Ad

That's Compasionate Liberalism in action. Getting people out of shelters and building homes is not nearly as important as supporting the dems....

Carnival of Cordite #30

Resistance is futile!: Carnival of Cordite #30 As always a good read. Pay particular attention to what Gullyborg thinks the NRA can and cannot do regarding the gun confiscations in New Orleans, and what he suggests you do if ever in a similar situation. I disagree with him about surrendering firearms.

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

Rochester shooting death ruled a homicide - Fosters: "Official stresses ruling does not imply that a crime was committed"

In what appears to be a reasonable use of self-defense, Brian Gaedtke was shot and killed while breaking into a home in New Hampshire.
Assistant Attorney General Peter Odom clarified that the term "homicide" does not imply a crime.

"Homicide is merely one human being shot by another," he said. He went on to explain that a homicide could entail anything from self defense to first-degree murder.
He was killed by one gunshot wound to the chest.

Law in that state allows for the use of deadly force in defense of self or third parties, and it does not require that you retreat if you are in your dwelling or on the land surronding it.

Update September 24, 2005:
AG: Rochester resident justified killing intruder details some of the bizzare behavior Gaedtke exhibited before the shooting. [Hat tip to Commentor "LiveFreeorDie"]

Blair - Kyoto Treaty is Dead

TCS: Tech Central Station - Tony Blair Pulls the Plug on Kyoto at Clinton Summit Not that you will hear or read about this in the MSM.
Blair, a longtime supporter of the Kyoto treaty, further prefaced his remarks by noting, "My thinking has changed in the past three or four years." So what does he think now? "No country, he declared, "is going to cut its growth." That is, no country is going to allow the Kyoto treaty, or any other such global-warming treaty, to crimp -- some say cripple -- its economy.

Looking ahead to future climate-change negotiations, Blair said of such fast-growing countries as India and China, "They're not going to start negotiating another treaty like Kyoto." India and China, of course, weren't covered by Kyoto in the first place, which was one of the fatal flaws in the treaty. But now Blair is acknowledging the obvious: that after the current Kyoto treaty -- which the US never acceded to -- expires in 2012, there's not going to be another worldwide deal like it.
So what do we do?

France generates 80% of its electric power from nuclear energy; that's one solution.

New technology is another. I wonder if Kennedy will drop his opposition to the wind farm they want to build on Nantucket bay? [h/t Small Dead Animals]

Friday, September 16, 2005

Registered Sex Offender Killed by Woman He Attacked.

Bonner County Daily Bee: Schmidt was a registered sex offender He asked for a ride from a co-worker, claiming his truck had broken down. When they got to his place he attacked her and tried to force her out of the vehicle.

He was killed by one shot from a .380 ACP handgun to the chest.

The woman's name is not being released as it does not appear that she will be charged with a crime. (Good for the DA on this one!)
Schmidt has prior out-of-state arrests for rape, robbery and burglary. Idaho's sex offender registry indicates Schmidt was convicted of "assault to commit rape" in Sonoma County, Calif., in 1989.
She should be given a medal. [h/t KABA]

Now that's what you call ironic

Eco-catastrophe echoes - The Washington Times, America's Newspaper Al Gore was addressing the Sierra Club, saying the government had to be held accountable for the collapse of the levees in New Orleans.
The very day he spoke a congressional task force reported the levees that failed in New Orleans would have been raised higher and strengthened in 1996 by the Army Corps of Engineers were it not for a lawsuit filed by environmentalists, led by who else but the Sierra Club.
Of course the Sierra Club wasn't alone in its opposition to building defenses for New Orleans. I wonder how they will react when the next set of barrier proposals are made. (Can you say litigation?) [h/t NRA-ILA]

Bobby Bright: A politician after my own heart�::� Bright stands behind comments on guns How many politicos will stand up - to the media - and say people need to buy guns, and use them for self-defense?
In my opinion, people need to buy a weapon, buy a gun, educate themselves on how to use that gun and they need to use that weapon to protect themselves from the criminal element out there.

I will not back away from that concept. It is a sensitive issue. It is simply me as the mayor wanting and caring enough about our citizens here to tell them this may be the best way they can help us protect themselves.
He has refused to retract that statement.

He has of course been accused of promoting vigilante justice. (The media collectively need to invest in a good dictionary. Self-defense is not vigilante justice.) Maybe he will move beyond being mayor of Montgomery. [h/t NRA-ILA]

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Nowhere to Hide - the End of Privacy

I go to some lengths to keep my personal information private. Unlisted phone, P.O. Box for mail, and other security measures. Magazine subscriptions I usually donate to the local library. (I can find them whenever I want them, even the back issues, and they don't clutter up my life.) Keeping your private information private has been getting harder and harder to do as technology wends its way through our lives. Now at last, it seems that it may be impossible.

In Independent Women's Forum: Stalking Made Easy L.A. prosecutor Rhonda Saunders, who helped write the nation's first anti-stalking law, relates a somewhat disturbing story.
We had a victim, and her stalker was about to get out of prison, and we wanted to know how much info was out there, so we actually paid the $25 fee to go on one of these search engines. She had changed her name, changed her address, changed her job, and this search engine turned up her new name, Social Security number, unlisted phone number, where she lived, the names of her neighbors and the names of her family members.
You cannot disappear anymore. This women moved away, changed her name and SSN, and was easy to find for $25. The online databases have every piece of information about you down to your habbits. (How do you think they detect credit card fraud?)

You cannot run from your troubles but must be prepared to face them.

Lord of Rings - a chapter at a time

Tolkien Geek is reading and reviewing Lorid of the Rings. One chapter - one post - one blog to bring them all and in the darkness ... sorry got carried away.

He is currently working his way through The Fellowship of the Ring and is up to Book 1, Chapter 8, Fog on the Barrow Downs. If you are LOTR fan as I am, you may find this interesting.

If anyone out there hasn't read LOTR, you simply must. The Peter Jackson film was good, as films go, but he was forced to cut so much out of the story he cut out some of my favorite parts and characters. (Of course he did give some of the women better roles to play.)

The Endless Loop of Domestic Violence

Salt Lake Tribune - Domestic violence -- No escape A review (lament?) about a repeating cycle of domestic violence in Utah.
I keep wondering why this story is an endless loop. A woman makes a plan, escapes, tries to rebuild her life. She tries doing right and it goes all wrong. And all we can count on anymore is another funeral.
The most recent funeral is for Janeil Bradley Drommond, who was killed August 28th by her ex-husband, David.

There was a restaining order in place, but she had to have contract with him to transfer custody of their two children. David Drommond killed her and shot her father in front of the children.

Hunters provide meat to those in need

Rocky Mountain News: Hunters, farmers help the needy, disaster victims I nice story about Farmer and Hunters Feeding the Hungry. This is an interesting organization that gets hunters to donate game meats to local charities feeding the needy.
Nationally, FHFH has helped hunters donate 1,600 tons of game meat, resulting in 12.8 million meals, to soup kitchens since it started in 1997.
They have been a local charity - keeping the meat in the state in which it was donated, but they are trying to find a way to get some of the donations to Hurricane Katrina victims this year.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Remembering a Life

Stacy at Not a Desperate Housewife is staging a blogging memorial for her nephew Cody who was killed by a drunk driver.
This Friday, September 16th, marks the fourth anniversary of my nephew's death. He and seven of his friends from the University of Wyoming men's cross country track team were killed by one drunk driver.
She has 3 posts celebrating Cody's life so far, with more to come.

Blogging For Cody, Day One
My hope for this week is to try once again to make people recognize the dangers of drinking and driving and the impact it makes upon society.
Blogging For Cody, Day Two

Blogging For Cody, Day Three
In most foreign countries if you're caught only once drinking and driving your license is permanently revoked. Additionally other countries will incarcerate the offender for many years as well. There are rather large penalties for drinking and driving worldwide, but here? You must kill someone in order to receive jail time, and even then depending on the state, it's for a short period of time.
Technorati Tag =

The 16 gauge shotgun still exists

16-gauge shotgun: Not gone, and not forgotten The first gun I ever fired was a single-shot 16 gauge shotgun that had belonged to my father when he was a boy. I thought it was too much, until I tried his 12 gauge side-by-side; I couldn't even hold the thing.

The 16 gauge society is a clearing house for information on this neglected weapon.

If the features and ammo available for the 12 gauge were to become available for the 16, I would seriously consider switching. I am not a small person, yet I find a 12 gauge can be a bit much. I have to say that I do like the ugly-as-sin, no-nonsense, pump-action Mossberg Persuader.

San Francisco Gun Ban - Proposition H

OPINION: San Francisco Gun Ban A Losing Proposition An interesting opinion piece of the proposed handgun ban in SF. Made more intersting by the fact that it is carried in the San Francisco Chronicle.

In the aftermath of Huricanne Katrina Cinnamob Stillwell asks why the SF government wants to disarm law-abiding citizens and create a police state. Some great quotes are included. I particularly like
Libby Green, president of the Senior Citizen Alliance, calls it the "Rapist Protection Act."
See the definition of gun control for my feelings.

John Roberts: the Next Chief Justice

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThose on the left are going crazy trying to derail the nomination of as Chief Justice of Supreme Court. He is by ever objective measure qualified for the position, and deserves a speedy confirmation.

Of course the attacks on him started trying to derail the nomination before the Chief Justice bit came to be. The Independent Women's Forum has a wonderful article, Roberts Is No Anti-Ladies Man on some of the attacks leveled at Roberts by the feminist establishment.

First it is important to note that the American Bar Association gave this nominee their highest rating, "well-qualified." But the smear campaign started almost immediately with attacks by NARAL.
First, there was the appalling ad by NARAL Pro-Choice America, charging that Roberts had filed court briefs supporting abortion-clinic bombers because he once argued that a federal law against conspiracies to deny equal rights to certain groups could not be used against nonviolent protesters at abortion clinics. (The Supreme Court eventually agreed, 6-3). Even most abortion rights advocates were dismayed by this smear, and NARAL quickly withdrew the ad.
This was of course only the first attack.

And even when he is shown to be right, his critics are not silenced.
In, legal correspondent Dahlia Lithwick finds that even if the feminist ideas Roberts criticized were bad, it doesn't get him off the hook because he criticized them in a disrespectful tone.

Update: 11:30 AM:

Stephen Miller of the Independent Gay Forum declares John Roberts' testimony so far to be gay friendly.

A lot of people are looking at the "adherence to precedent" question. Will he or won't he. But is A2P good in itself?
[I]f "adherence to precedent" was as binding as they (now) insist, Bowers v. Hardwick would not have been overturned and we'd still have sodomy laws. And let's hope a future court won't feel bond by precedent when it comes to revisiting the awful Kelo decision that stuck at the heart of property rights!
Precedent should be overturned when the law is bad - like it is in Kelo.

[hat tip for the update to Right Side of the Rainbow]

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Definition of the Day

The Vocabulary Word for this week is .
Gun Control:

The theory that a woman found dead in an alley,
raped and strangled with her panty hose, is somehow morally
superior to a woman explaining to police how her attacker
got that fatal bullet wound.
[via Women Against Gun Control]

It turns out there are 102 uses for a dead cat

Ananova - Inventor turns dead cats into diesel Dr. Christian Koch, a German inventor has found a method for turing old tires, weeds and animal cadavers into fuel.
Koch said the cadaver of a fully grown cat can produce 2.5 litres of fuel - meaning around 20 cats are needed for a full tank.
Aint science wonderful!

Alphecca's Post Katrina Check on the Bias

Alphecca: Weekly Check on the Bias As expected, Jeff gives considerable space to the unlawful confiscation of firearms in New Orleans by the Jack-booted thugs that once passed for police. It is a bit distressing, and yet there are things to be glad about. Go take a look.

Heroes: Everyday and Extraordinary People

Image hosted by
Everyone is entitled to our opinion...

I am pleased to host part of the Cotillion for September 13th. My co-hostesses are e-Claire (Now Chocolate Covered!), Portia Rediscovered, and Mary Katherine Ham of C-Log. And all of these can also be found at the main Cotillion site.

Heroes are everyday people in extraordinary circumstances. Heroes are also extraordinary people. Whether in fiction, or in life, heroes show us what is possible in the world; what we should strive for in our own lives.

The photos below are of a few women I deem to be heroic. If you don't recognize them, clicking on the photo should provide some additional information. (Some information is provided below.)

Leigh Ann HesterTammy, of A Mom and Her Blog offers us Another point of view. Distressed that news about Hurricane Katrina has pushed the news of our troops in Iraq out of the spotlight, Tammy offers us some emails - from a service wife about her husband's deployment to Iraq, from a MSgt. near the end of his deployment, and from her husband "a former (and still current…at heart, at least) Marine."

Ith of Absinthe & Cookies (a bit bitter, a bit sweet) has a problem with some of the sentiments at one of the telethons raising money for Hurricane Katrina victims. Who are "Our People?"

Raven of And Rightly So! offers a September 11th remembrance "of what happened that fateful day in September," As busy passengers boarded their flights…

Ellen MacArthurAnnika offers some thoughts on Faith In The Face Of Tragedy And Job. She deals with religion and the question of "Why do bad things happen to good people?"
It's the age old question. Why do bad things happen to good people? What does a person of faith do when tragedy strikes? How does one deal?
Given the effects of Hurricane Katrina, these are questions worth considering.

Oddybobo at Bobo Blogger tells us that Pete Needs Our Prayers. Fellow blogger and gunblogger Pete of Shakey Pete's Shootin' Shack has suffered what seems to be a stroke. She sent along some Gun Pron to cheer him up.

Iraqi Woman Voter, Jan 2005Jane from Armies of Liberation brings us some information on Journalism in Yemen: A Battle for Truth in the Age of Terror. I can't imagine a more heroic act than trying to stand up to dictatorial regime.
In Yemen, opposition and independent journalists perform their duty to the nation in an extremely hostile environment. This Western ally, the Yemeni government, at times behaves quite criminally and brutally, and it prefers to do so without international or national media attention. As a result, Yemeni journalists are repeatedly attacked by security forces, the judiciary, and the official media.
Yemen, is rarely mentioned by the US and then only as “an important partner in the War on Terror.”

Baldilocks takes a look at death, and our attitudes toward death in Not Fearing the Reaper. We attempt to hold off the inevitable, and hope we don't meet the disaster, either the natural, or the man-made variety.
On a certain level, it's puzzling, even amusing, all our efforts to put off the inevitable. But, yes, I’m still not smoking, will be in the gym tomorrow and am stepping up disaster preparedness around here.
She also examines how one's faith shapes these attitudes.

Eileen CollinsPamela at Atlas Shrugs brings to our attention Shotgun Sean - Posterboy for NRA/Second Amendment. Sean Penn was apparently carrying a a shotgun through the streets of New Orleans.
On Tuesday the Hollywood Liberal looked more like Charlton Heston, prowling the storm ravaged Delta loaded for bear.
I guess the boating thing didn't work out in the long run. And to think I didn't know he was a friend of the Second Amendment. Pamela has a few related observations about the MSM generally.

Are You Conservative examines the structure the EU would use to handle emergencies, such as natural disasters in If You Think US Feds are Slow off the Mark... What is the European thinking if a natural - or man-made - disaster overwhelms the resources of a single member state? The structure of the EU response is surprisingly similar to that of the US.

Kathy at Cake Eater Chronicles tells us about a Citizen Photojournalist who Shoots Some Amazing Stuff. He provides a view of New Orleans before, during and after the hurricane and during the flood. It is worth the time to get a first hand account of what happened.

Sgt Leigh Ann Hester: First Woman since WWII to be awarded the Silver Star
Ellen MacArthur: Sailed around the world, single-handed, on a 75ft. Trimaran setting a world record.
Iraqi Woman: Her picture became synonymous with the success of the Iraqi election.
Eileen Collins: First woman to pilot and later to command the Space Shuttle.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Molon Lave - redux

Molon Lave
Molon Lave - Come and Get Them: (What the Spartan Commander at Thermopylae said when ordered to lay down his arms)

1,000,000 Persians lost 20,000 and yet failed to disarm 300 Spartans. 80,000,000 Lawful Americans would resist even harder.

Courtesy of A Human Right and Oleg Volk

Some statement about, "my cold dead hands," should go here.

If we sit by and do nothing, all of our rights will be stripped from us.

The government is confiscating cameras and harassing journalists

Photojournalists Covering Katrina Fall Victim To Growing Violence, Chaos This is a continuation of the End of Freedom in America. In tactics that are reminiscent of the Soviet Union, police are confiscating cameras and memory cards when photographers are getting footage of them in the act of confronting looters.

As I said in the previous post, the next piece of the Bill of Rights to be killed would be the First Amendment, and so here we see its end.

I think is fair to say that we really do live in a police state. Private ownership of firearms can be ended at the declaration of a emergency. Police are free to do whatever they want without having to face the exposure a free press is supposed to provide. Government can take your private property for any reason at the drop of a hat. Unchecked government power is everywhere. What is left?
Toronto Star staff photojournalist Lucas Oleniuk was taken to the ground by police in the Spanish Quarter after he photographed a firefight between looters and police, and police were then reportedly “beating on” a looter.
Georgiev says, “We came upon a body (while driving) apparently shot by the police. While I was still driving I took a few photos through the open window and I heard an officer yell, ‘Get that camera, now!’ About half dozen cops started running toward the car. Since the car was still in motion, and I saw them drawing and raising their guns at us and afraid they would shoot us, I slammed on the brakes.

“Before I knew it, I was thrown out of the car, the camera ripped from my hand, the other camera taken from the car, and I was on the car with my legs spread, hands up, a gun pointed in my neck. I was unable to see what was going on with Gordon. I was screaming “We are press” and I saw things from my car thrown on the ground, and the car was being frantically searched by the police.”
Many will no doubt use the failure of FEMA in the recent emergency to clamor for even more government control of our lives. I would leave, if I knew where to go.

Defeat the Red Crescent Memorial

Image hosted by Photobucket.comPerhaps you have seen that the idiots on the left want to create a Red Crescent memorial to the people who died on Flight 93. This is an insult to the memory of people who died to defeat Islamic terrorists.

[Update: Via Beth at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy we get this much more telling graphic of the proposed memorial.]

This isn't a done deal, and you can register your opposition by contacting the Director of the National Parks Service, Fran Mainella. Her phone number is (202) 208-4612, and her email address is

Gale Norton, Secretary of the Interior has cleverly kept her email off the web, but she may be reached at the Department of the Interior, 1849 C Street, N.W., Washington DC 20240. The general phone number is (202) 208-3100.

Don't forget to also let your elected officials - including the President - know how you feel. I always recommend the NRA-ILA website for an easy way to contact the folks in Washington.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Four Years Ago the World Changed

World Trade Center, Sept. 11, 2001

Take a moment to remember those who lost their lives 4 years ago, and to remember those who risk their lives today defending this country.


I was struck that day by how many people believed we were safe from terrorism. After the World Trade Center was bombed in 1993, I thought most people would have gotten over that fantasy, but it persisted until September 11th.

I don't think enough has been done in 4 years to ensure another attack does not happen. I think the best way to honor the dead would be to learn the lessons, and make sure that a repeat does not occur. I think we have learned most of the lessons, but there is not the political will in Washington to do what must be done.

Pet Peve Number 34

People who put video - not a link, but the VIDEO - on the front page of their site/blog. I don't want to wait to load a video thanks....

Iowahawk takes aim at media personalities

Nawlins News Niblets, Part Deux OK he also roasts Louisiana state officials, but that is so easy to do it hardly seems worth it. Geraldo, Oprah, Couric and others are taken to task for New Orleans antics.

Still reeling from floods and hurricane damage, remaining New Orleans residents face potential devastation from a wave of marauding celebrities, say on-site emergency response officials.
Will the horror never end? [Did you miss part 1?]

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Compare Hampton Roads and New Orleans.

Magic Marker Strategy - New York Times Cold but effective leadership does more than feel-good politics any day.
Instead of relying on a "Good Samaritan" policy - the fantasy in New Orleans that everyone would take care of the neighbors - the Virginia rescue workers go door to door. If people resist the plea to leave, Mr. Judkins told The Daily Press in Newport News, rescue workers give them Magic Markers and ask them to write their Social Security numbers on their body parts so they can be identified.

"It's cold, but it's effective," Mr. Judkins explained.
Would you rather live in Nagin's New Orleans, or in Giuliani’s New York? Would you rather have feel-good policies, or a tough-on-crime mayor, who is a real leader in the face of adversity? I know what my answer is.

Hat tip Jason Broander at Maroon Blog who is one of my Alma Matter Bloggers.

A Double Helping of Cordite

Resistance is futile!: Carnival of Cordite Double Edition! Last week's carnival was postponed in deference to the hurricane victims in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. So this week we get a double helping.

There is a special section on disaster preparedness and some info on the gun confiscations in New Orleans.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Have a cold one

Canned water distributed by Anheuser-Busch to Katrina's evacuees.

I suppose I should make some joke about A-B beer tasting like water, but I just can't bring myself to do it. Actually I like A-B, they withdrew support for a candidate who opposed 2nd Amendment rights in Misouri, and now this. I may have to buy some Amber Bock to say thanks. [hat tip Ace]

The End of Freedom in America

It is beginning to look like the end of "the Land of the Free."

The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia, ruled that the administration can keep a US citizen, captured on US soil in prison indefinitely to combat terrorism. No right to a speedy trial. No appeal to the courts.

Then in New Orleans, the 2nd Amendment has been declared moot by the New Orleans Police.
No civilians in New Orleans will be allowed to carry pistols, shotguns or other firearms, said P. Edwin Compass III, the superintendent of police. "Only law enforcement are allowed to have weapons," he said.
Will people be justly compensated, or will their property be taken now without due process, and without remuneration.

I wonder what part of the constitution will be the next to go?

Freedom from search and seizure died years ago. The Commerce clause was twisted out of its true meaning in the 1930s. I imagine freedom of speech will go next - as it has been outlawed in Europe (can't say anything mean).

Everyone should be worried about this. Even if you don't like the 2nd amendment, do you really think it is a good thing for a section of the Bill of Rights to be thrown out because a local police official finds it inconvenient? What happens when he finds your freedom of expression, or your freedom of assembly to be an issue?

If the Constitution does not stand up under the stress of war or a disaster, then it is as good as dead.

Oil for food - Just another day at the UN

OpinionJournal - Featured Article - Oil for Food as Usual "The U.N.'s worst critics couldn't invent what the Volcker report shows"

Volker's oil for food report shows the level of corruption at the UN. If our dear friend Kofi doesn't like a United Nations ruling (and he did NOT like the sanctions on Iraq), he is pretty much free to disregard it. He turned a blind eye to Oil for Food deals (claiming he didn’t even know his son was working for a company big in the Oil for Food program.)

All those UN officials who said the allegations of wrong-doing were lies turn out to have been in the pay of Saddam.

And France, Russia and China opposed the Iraq war. Well it couldn't be that they were getting sweetheart deals from the Iraqi government now could it. They were of course, but the French would never stoop so low, would they? Seeing their humanitarian aid diverted for the purchase of weapons systems would have made them take some action.

Volcker’s report puts the extent of the fraud in excess of 100 billion dollars. "So it was that the largest fraud ever recorded in history." And a few people will no doubt be held responsible, but you can bet our dear friend Kofi won't be one of them. He won't even lose his job as head of the Useless Nitwits over this.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Range Report on Serbu BFG-50 by Alphecca

Alphecca: Range Report: Serbu BFG-50 Pretty cool range report on an awesome firearm. It is complete with video of the reaction.

John Travolta - a class act

John Travolta delivers food, vaccines to victims Instead of one small boat - already filled to capacity -John Travolta delivers some real help.
ACTOR John Travolta and his wife, actress Kelly Preston, flew in their own private jet, on Monday, to deliver five tons of food for victims of Hurricane Katrina. Travolta, an experienced pilot, flew the supplies to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, then toured the flooded city of New Orleans and visited rescue workers and shelters for evacuees. The two movie stars also brought along 400 doses of tetanus vaccines for rescuers.
And I don't usually like Travolta, but he and his wife proved to be a class act with this effort. [Hat tip Noahware]

Iowahawk has details on Sean Penn's latest rescue plans

iowahawk: Nawlins News Niblets You can't keep a good man down. And Sean Penn has been busy too.
Decrying the federal government's response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster as "an utter disgrace," actor-activist Sean Penn today unveiled his design for a gigantic man-controlled robot suit that, if successful, could bail out the waterlogged city of New Orleans "within a matter of hours."
Penn's 900-foot tall mecha design features a 250,000 gallon red plastic kegger cup potentially capable of moving millions of gallons of contaminated water from the streets.
A diagram is availabe for you viewing pleasure.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

No surprise - Schwarzenegger to veto gay marriage > News > State -- Schwarzenegger says he will veto gay marriage bill The people of the state of California defined marriage between a man and a woman in 2000 with proposition 22. The actions of the legislature to try and overturn the proposition were dubious at best.

Not Enough National Guard? Why is Michigan's Standing Down?

Posse Incitatus: News from the disaster area Leader of the Posse has word from a friend in the Michigan N.G. who was mobilized to aid in the Hurricane Katrina relief, that his unit will be standing down never having left the state of Michigan.
If nothing else, this should put a bullet in the head of the "We need to pull the National Guard out of Iraq because none are left here" nonsense.
Wanna bet?

Use BugMeNot to avoid newspaper registration

BugmenotTired of having to register to read newspaper articles? Worried about people tracking your surfing? Check out Users of Firefox can have it automatically fill in the first available user ID and password for any site in the database. Happy surfing. (Yes, people have complained that frequent references to the Trib, the San Jose Mercury News, etc. call for registrations. There is more than one way to skin a cat.)

When confronted by a newspapers "register or login" page, open BugMeNot in a new window or tab. On the homepage of BugMeNot, enter the first section of the URL of the page requesting you register. (So in the case of my Nugent Post you enter )

BugMeNot will then provide a login ID for the newspaper in question. Fill this into the registration/login page, and you will be taken to the story you wanted without giving anyone your private information.

If BugMeNot doesn't have a login, you can create one. Use Mailinator for the email. Mailinator will let you create a one-time email account so you can provide it to the paper. Ccheck it later for the "confirmation" email and then forget about it. Then this email will be available to all using BugMeNot.

Don't give anyone your private information if you don't have to.

FEMA did nothing, kept others from doing anything

The Dominion: FEMA Turned Away Aid, Rescue Crews, Cut Emergency Communication Lines: Witnesses FEMA is a disaster in itself.

After Hurricane Katrina decimated Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida, FEMA turned away hundreds of volunteers in various boating groups who were willing to go in and pull people out of flooded areas.

FEMA itself didn't seem to start much before noon, and finished at dusk.

FEMA kept one Louisiana parish from getting a 1000 gallons of diesel fuel to support its operations.
Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard said that "we had 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel on a Coast Guard vessel docked in my parish. The Coast Guard said, 'Come get the fuel right away.' When we got there with our trucks, they got a word. 'FEMA says don't give you the fuel.'"
No explanation of why FEMA did not want Jefferson Parrish to have the fuel they needed.

Then FEMA cut communications lines.
Broussard also said that FEMA cut "all of our emergency communication lines."

"They cut them without notice. Our sheriff, Harry Lee, goes back in, he reconnects the line. He posts armed guards on our line and says, 'No one is getting near these lines.'"
Communications are one of the things are that always at a premium in a disaster. So much so that the Amateur Radio Relay League (Ham Radio organization) runs emergency communications classes and has volunteers who work with emergency relief agencies to provide communications when the phone networks are knocked out. Why would anyone cut off communication into a disaster area?

FEMA ignored offers of help from other cities.
FEMA also attracted fire from Chicago Mayor Richard Daley. The Chicago Sun-Times reported that the city of Chicago is "ready to provide more help than they have requested."

"We are just waiting for their call," Daley was quoted as saying. They mayor said he was "shocked" that no one seemed to want the help.

According to Daley, the city offered "36 members of the firefighters' technical rescue teams, eight emergency medical technicians, search-and-rescue equipment, more than 100 police officers as well as police vehicles and two boats, 29 clinical and 117 non-clinical health workers, a mobile clinic and eight trained personnel, 140 Streets and Sanitation workers and 29 trucks, plus other supplies."
It isn't just that the director of FEMA needs to be fired - he does! But the entire organization is more of a hindrance that a help in times like this.

WorldNetDaily: Rescuers turned into PR flaks FEMA took 1400 fire and rescue officers - trained and with their equipment and wanted them to hand out fliers with FEMA's phone number. (of course given that they had cut communications...)

FEMA was not interested in getting aid to the suffering; they were interested in protecting their turf.
"We wanted soldiers, helicopters, food and water," Denise Bottcher, press secretary for Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco of Louisiana, told the New York Times. "They wanted to negotiate an organizational chart."
Cutting communications, keeping medical teams out of the city, keeping rescuers out of areas where people are known to be trapped and dying are all signs of an organization drunk on power, with no clear idea of what the true priorities are.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

More on Rebuilding New Orleans

Porkopolis: Rants on Pork Barrel Spending: Discussions on alternatives to rebuilding New Orleans Does it make sense to spend billions of taxpayer dollars to rebuild New Orleans, and the sit around waiting for this to happen again?

Someone (on a previous post of mine) left a comment about Holland. A large part of Holland is below sea level, yet the Dutch are willing to spend the money to defend themselves from the sea. "God made the world, but the Dutch made Holland," is an old saying.

Holland, however, does not have to contend with Category 3, 4 and 5 hurricanes. That changes the nature of the defenses that they have to build. I am not convinced that we can build defenses against a category 4 or larger storm. I am less convinced that we should even try, because if we try and we fail, we condemn the people of New Orleans to live through this all over again. Remember that New Orleans - thanks in part to the levee system - is continuing to sink. The delta is shrinking, the problem gets harder to fix every year.

Alphecca's weekly check on media bias

Alphecca: Weekly Check on the Media This week's collection of media stories may have people rethinking their "just call 911" stance on gun control and fighting crime. New Orleans demonstrates that you can't always call on the police for help. Sometimes you have to be prepared to rely only on yourself, with perhaps a few neighbors by your side.

Anyway go take a look at the whole thing.

San Francisco Still Trying to Ban Guns

STOP THE SAN FRANCISCO GUN BAN! Of course the wheels for this were all set in motion prior to Hurricane Katrina, so the vote will take place on November 8.

I wonder if people really in S.F. really believe that they will always be able to rely on the police to ensure order, or if they think they are immune to the type of natural disaster that disrupted life in New Orleans. Of course it won't be a flood in San Francisco; it will be a major earthquake.

Astrodome/Superdome Experience

RIGHTWINGSPARKLE: Volunteering at the Astrodome. Volunteering at the Astrodome, RightWingSparkle got to talk with some people who had been in the Superdome.
As you might imagine I wanted to hear what it was like being in the Superdome. One teenage girl told me that it was terrifying when the shooting started. "It was the gangs," she said. Her mother said, "The people found the guy who was shooting and beat his ass and his ass needed beating." I found over and over again that people were as disgusted with the behavior of the thugs as the rest of us. I asked them if they were angry at the government. Not one I spoke to said they were. They were angry at the people who behaved badly. They were angry at the thugs with guns. They were angry with the people who threw trash everywhere and went to bathroom in public places.

In other words, they were mad at the right people, unlike our friends on the left.
Restores some of my (extremely limited) faith in humanity.

Best of Me Symphony Number 93

The Owner's Manual: #93 Best of Me Symphony This week's Symphony is Guest Conducted by Rodney Dangerfield.

The BOMS is a collection of posts all at least 60 days old. Always fun to see what we were thinking of 2 months ago.

The Cotillion Salutes Heroes

Image hosted by The disaster in New Orleans has touched everyone. The women of the Cotillion recognize the everyday heros who have pitched in to make things better.

annika's journal: A Kiss To Build A Dream On

Girl on the Right: Ordinary Heroes; Extraordinary Women

Merri Musings: Our Heroes: Both Great and Small

Not A Desperate Housewife: The Real America

and cross posted at the main Cotillion site.

Cotillion: A Kiss To Build A Dream On

Cotillion: Ordinary Heroes; Extraordinary Women

Cotillion: Our Heroes: Both Great and Small

Cotillion: The Real America

Still Expecting the State to Protect you?

NBC 6 News - Riesel man's release angers ex-wife, police Here is a guy who was just arrested after a shoot-out with police. He also "has a family violence conviction, an arrest record for stalking his ex-wife."

Even with all of that, he is out on bond. He was released the day after shooting at police 25 times. Why did he shoot? He is upset that his divorce is not going well.

His ex-wife says
They need to do something with him before this gets out of hand, before I end up dead. I'm scared it could come to that.
She needs to make a plan for her own protection, because it is clear the courts are not going to protect her.

Monday, September 05, 2005


Eject! Eject! Eject!: TRIBES Horrible people (murdering bastards) come in all colors. Real heros come in all colors too. Proteus at Eject! Eject! Eject! has some things to say about these 2 groups of people, and a 3rd group - the self-worshiping Hollywood Celebrity.

The poster child for this thrid group is Sean Penn, who went on an excursion, complete with a private photographer, to New Orleans.
Sean Penn can take himself, an entourage and a personal photographer – that’s three or four people in a four-person boat – and show us all how incredibly big and down-home he is by sailing off a few feet to rescue people, before the boat sinks from the incompetence of failing to put in the drainage plug. He wore a very nice white flak vest, instead of the passé orange life preserver, because getting shot at is a lot more macho looking, if a million or so times less likely, than drowning because you went out into the water with a lead vest rather than a life vest. It’s a scene in the trailer that runs incessantly in their heads: In a world run by evil corporations, a rebel who plays by his own rules starts a deadly game of cat and mouse with an all-powerful conspiracy in this searing portrait of extraordinary courage in a life under siege, starring…me!

I was actually ready to publicly commend the guy, until I heard about the personal photographer. If he wanted to help people – and that’s all – he could have paid for that boat, and a few hundred others, manned them with reasonably competent recreational boaters, and sent out a flotilla. But no. It’s not about having people saved. It’s about something else entirely. It’s about having people saved by Sean Penn. That’s when I realized that whether it’s the Murderous Regime in Iraq, or the Murderous Regime in Iran, or the Murderous Storm in Louisiana…ultimately, it’s all about Sean Penn. Peace Be Upon Him.
That group (and Penn is not alone) does not care about their fellow man, they only care about their own publicity. This was not a rescue effort; it was a publicity stunt.

The whole thing is worth a look, and as usual with Eject! Eject! Eject! it is a bit long. But definitely worth it! [Hat tip Baldilocks]