Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Astrodome/Superdome Experience

RIGHTWINGSPARKLE: Volunteering at the Astrodome. Volunteering at the Astrodome, RightWingSparkle got to talk with some people who had been in the Superdome.
As you might imagine I wanted to hear what it was like being in the Superdome. One teenage girl told me that it was terrifying when the shooting started. "It was the gangs," she said. Her mother said, "The people found the guy who was shooting and beat his ass and his ass needed beating." I found over and over again that people were as disgusted with the behavior of the thugs as the rest of us. I asked them if they were angry at the government. Not one I spoke to said they were. They were angry at the people who behaved badly. They were angry at the thugs with guns. They were angry with the people who threw trash everywhere and went to bathroom in public places.

In other words, they were mad at the right people, unlike our friends on the left.
Restores some of my (extremely limited) faith in humanity.

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