Saturday, September 17, 2005

Blair - Kyoto Treaty is Dead

TCS: Tech Central Station - Tony Blair Pulls the Plug on Kyoto at Clinton Summit Not that you will hear or read about this in the MSM.
Blair, a longtime supporter of the Kyoto treaty, further prefaced his remarks by noting, "My thinking has changed in the past three or four years." So what does he think now? "No country, he declared, "is going to cut its growth." That is, no country is going to allow the Kyoto treaty, or any other such global-warming treaty, to crimp -- some say cripple -- its economy.

Looking ahead to future climate-change negotiations, Blair said of such fast-growing countries as India and China, "They're not going to start negotiating another treaty like Kyoto." India and China, of course, weren't covered by Kyoto in the first place, which was one of the fatal flaws in the treaty. But now Blair is acknowledging the obvious: that after the current Kyoto treaty -- which the US never acceded to -- expires in 2012, there's not going to be another worldwide deal like it.
So what do we do?

France generates 80% of its electric power from nuclear energy; that's one solution.

New technology is another. I wonder if Kennedy will drop his opposition to the wind farm they want to build on Nantucket bay? [h/t Small Dead Animals]

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