Monday, September 19, 2005

End of Clinton's Gun Ban was over 1 year ago � The News Journal � End of gun ban has little effect in state No increase reported in crimes using previously banned arms

Streets filled with dead bodies. AK-47's everywhere. Death, mayhem, destruction. The usual predictions of the gun fearing weenies were out in force last year when Clinton's gun ban expired.

The truth is somewhat less dramatic.
With the one-year anniversary of the expiration of the ban passing quietly last week, the reality has proved much less grim. The assault-weapons ban went out with a whimper, not a bang.

Although precise figures are not available, police in Delaware have not reported an increase in crimes committed with previously banned weapons.
Sarah Brady is still hoping for a ban. All of those horrors are "just around the corner" she fears.

The truth is that this so-called ban never had the slightest impact. "Clinton's own Justice Department came to the conclusion that the ban would have no effect on the criminal use of firearms."

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