Sunday, September 18, 2005

Kids drugged at alarming rates

Telegraph | News | Alarm as prescriptions of Ritalin to children reach a record high. Is all of this really necessary, or is western society drugging kids for the adults (parents and teachers) convenience?
Last night, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, an organisation that campaigns against psychiatric violations of human rights, condemned the increasing prescription of drugs for children. "Too many psychiatrists are being irresponsible in prescribing mood-altering drugs which are pharmacologically similar to cocaine, and then claiming they have 'cured' children of their 'condition'," said a spokesman.

"Some children may be a little boisterous but psychiatry's fixation on labelling such difficulties and prescribing medication is nothing more than pseudo science. Children are being drugged into submission."
There is no test for ADHD. Kids are diagnosed based on questions to parents and teachers, that look for "symptoms including restlessness, inattentiveness and fidgeting." What kid doesn't exhibit these behaviors from time to time? (Besides the ones tanked up on drugs that is...)

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