Friday, September 09, 2005

Oil for food - Just another day at the UN

OpinionJournal - Featured Article - Oil for Food as Usual "The U.N.'s worst critics couldn't invent what the Volcker report shows"

Volker's oil for food report shows the level of corruption at the UN. If our dear friend Kofi doesn't like a United Nations ruling (and he did NOT like the sanctions on Iraq), he is pretty much free to disregard it. He turned a blind eye to Oil for Food deals (claiming he didn’t even know his son was working for a company big in the Oil for Food program.)

All those UN officials who said the allegations of wrong-doing were lies turn out to have been in the pay of Saddam.

And France, Russia and China opposed the Iraq war. Well it couldn't be that they were getting sweetheart deals from the Iraqi government now could it. They were of course, but the French would never stoop so low, would they? Seeing their humanitarian aid diverted for the purchase of weapons systems would have made them take some action.

Volcker’s report puts the extent of the fraud in excess of 100 billion dollars. "So it was that the largest fraud ever recorded in history." And a few people will no doubt be held responsible, but you can bet our dear friend Kofi won't be one of them. He won't even lose his job as head of the Useless Nitwits over this.

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