Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Only 6% of Violent Crime Involve Firearms

LibertyThat intersting little tidbit of information comes from a Justice Department report on violent crime. The headlines all trumpet the fact that violent crime is at 30 year lows. All demographic groups - including those most at risk - are experiencing lower crime, and that is a wonderful thing.

But the 6% figure, if reported widely, would cut the legs from under the gun grabbers. Why focus on 6% of the problem? Why not look at the other 94%?
Looking at it another way, the number of violent crimes involving a firearm was 34 percent lower in 2004 than it was in 2000 and 73 percent lower in 2004 than in 1993.
Even better, this 6% figure would make it difficult for them to demonize an object, a tool, and force them to look at root causes, and other solutions for violent crime.

The other solutions include get tough on crime policies that send criminals away for a long time, and armed citizens who are empowered to defend themselves.

The left complains about the "get tough" policies that have filled prisons, but the results speak for themselves. Violent crime is reduced. (Some sentencing guidlines may need to be changed, but don't attack the entire system, not when that system is working.)

Survey after survey report that what criminals fear most is an armed citizen. Empowered to defend ourselves, we don't have to arrest anyone, we just shoot until the threat is neutralized.
[hat tip Keep and Bear Arms]

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