Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Remembering a Life

Stacy at Not a Desperate Housewife is staging a blogging memorial for her nephew Cody who was killed by a drunk driver.
This Friday, September 16th, marks the fourth anniversary of my nephew's death. He and seven of his friends from the University of Wyoming men's cross country track team were killed by one drunk driver.
She has 3 posts celebrating Cody's life so far, with more to come.

Blogging For Cody, Day One
My hope for this week is to try once again to make people recognize the dangers of drinking and driving and the impact it makes upon society.
Blogging For Cody, Day Two

Blogging For Cody, Day Three
In most foreign countries if you're caught only once drinking and driving your license is permanently revoked. Additionally other countries will incarcerate the offender for many years as well. There are rather large penalties for drinking and driving worldwide, but here? You must kill someone in order to receive jail time, and even then depending on the state, it's for a short period of time.
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