Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Shooting Sports: 10-year-old huntress gets rare ram permit and the ram

adn.com | outdoors : Old ram no match for 10-year-old huntress Entered in the lottery to win a rare permit by her father, 10-year-old Rachel Juliussen won that permit.

Rachel, her father and grandfather went into Ram Country in Alaska, and she got a full-curl Dall sheep from 280 yards.
"I knew I could do it," Rachel said.

She nestled into the stock of the .243, trying to get as steady as possible, and squeezed the trigger. The rifle roared. And Rachel had herself a spectacular full-curl ram with 38-inch horns.
They will eat the meat - it is frozen - and the head and horns are being mounted as a trophy.

Hunting is one of those sports that women have been excluded from - mostly by tradition. But Rachel comes by her hunting honestly - her mother killed a black bear at 11. [hat tip KABA]

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