Monday, September 05, 2005

Ted Nugent in Maryland

Giving crowd some 'Cat Scratch Fever' - "Rockin' and rantin', a wild Ted Nugent takes no prisoners" [use BugMeNot to avoid the registration.]

He had something to say for just about everyone. From Bill and Hillary, to the UN and vegitarians, no one was immune from the Nuge's wit. (I guess that's what you call it.)

Of course the reporter had to revisit the NRA national meeting and Ted Nugent's (over-the-top) speech. What did you expect, that the MSM likes Ted Nugent? He is a hunter, Republican, NRA board member, white, Christian, hetro, old-school rocker, who refuses to be politically correct. (I love the guy!)

His parting words were, "Have the greatest hunting season of your life!"

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