Monday, September 05, 2005


Eject! Eject! Eject!: TRIBES Horrible people (murdering bastards) come in all colors. Real heros come in all colors too. Proteus at Eject! Eject! Eject! has some things to say about these 2 groups of people, and a 3rd group - the self-worshiping Hollywood Celebrity.

The poster child for this thrid group is Sean Penn, who went on an excursion, complete with a private photographer, to New Orleans.
Sean Penn can take himself, an entourage and a personal photographer – that’s three or four people in a four-person boat – and show us all how incredibly big and down-home he is by sailing off a few feet to rescue people, before the boat sinks from the incompetence of failing to put in the drainage plug. He wore a very nice white flak vest, instead of the passé orange life preserver, because getting shot at is a lot more macho looking, if a million or so times less likely, than drowning because you went out into the water with a lead vest rather than a life vest. It’s a scene in the trailer that runs incessantly in their heads: In a world run by evil corporations, a rebel who plays by his own rules starts a deadly game of cat and mouse with an all-powerful conspiracy in this searing portrait of extraordinary courage in a life under siege, starring…me!

I was actually ready to publicly commend the guy, until I heard about the personal photographer. If he wanted to help people – and that’s all – he could have paid for that boat, and a few hundred others, manned them with reasonably competent recreational boaters, and sent out a flotilla. But no. It’s not about having people saved. It’s about something else entirely. It’s about having people saved by Sean Penn. That’s when I realized that whether it’s the Murderous Regime in Iraq, or the Murderous Regime in Iran, or the Murderous Storm in Louisiana…ultimately, it’s all about Sean Penn. Peace Be Upon Him.
That group (and Penn is not alone) does not care about their fellow man, they only care about their own publicity. This was not a rescue effort; it was a publicity stunt.

The whole thing is worth a look, and as usual with Eject! Eject! Eject! it is a bit long. But definitely worth it! [Hat tip Baldilocks]

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