Monday, September 26, 2005

US Crime Rate Holding Near Lows

Alphecca has a nice comparison of what is happening with crime in the UK, versus the US.

As I noted earlier, Scotland has been declared the most violent country by the UN. New Zealand, Australia, and other "countries where the government disarmed their law-abiding serfs," also have high crime.

While here in the good old USA, where more and more people are legally entitled to carry weapons for self-defense, the crime rate is holding near 30-year-lows.
CNN: Since 1993, violent crime as measured by victim surveys has fallen by 57 percent and property crime by 50 percent. That has included a 9 percent drop in violent crime from 2001-2002 to 2003-2004.
The CNN article does not mention concealed carry as one of the reasons crime is low. That would constitute an attack on their own anti-gun position after all.

Disarming people, telling them to "give criminals what they want," (which is exactly what the UK does) and making it illegal to defend one's self have had the predicable effects - they have encouraged crime, by making it safer and more profitable. Witness the increase in crime in Scotland, and the UK. Arming peolpe, giving them the tools they need to defend themselves and recognizing their right to self-defense makes crime more dangerous. This deters crime.

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