Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Use BugMeNot to avoid newspaper registration

BugmenotTired of having to register to read newspaper articles? Worried about people tracking your surfing? Check out Users of Firefox can have it automatically fill in the first available user ID and password for any site in the database. Happy surfing. (Yes, people have complained that frequent references to the Trib, the San Jose Mercury News, etc. call for registrations. There is more than one way to skin a cat.)

When confronted by a newspapers "register or login" page, open BugMeNot in a new window or tab. On the homepage of BugMeNot, enter the first section of the URL of the page requesting you register. (So in the case of my Nugent Post you enter )

BugMeNot will then provide a login ID for the newspaper in question. Fill this into the registration/login page, and you will be taken to the story you wanted without giving anyone your private information.

If BugMeNot doesn't have a login, you can create one. Use Mailinator for the email. Mailinator will let you create a one-time email account so you can provide it to the paper. Ccheck it later for the "confirmation" email and then forget about it. Then this email will be available to all using BugMeNot.

Don't give anyone your private information if you don't have to.

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