Thursday, October 27, 2005

Candian Lies - Why Tell the Truth When No One Will Call Your Bluff?

The Globe and Mail: Don't blame U.S. for gun crime, Canada told. So Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin is making things up as he goes along. It's OK, the MSM will never investigate an anti-American statement... (Or will they?)

The statement was that 50% of the guns used in crimes in Canada are smuggled from the US. Turns out he cited a statistic with no basis in fact.
"I know that figure of 50 per cent has been bandied about, but no one can substantiate that figure," said Staff Sergeant Paul Marsh, a spokesman for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Can you imagine the feeding frenzy in the MSM if President Bush made a statement like this?

While the Globe and Mail does blow the whistle on Martin, they don't really take him to task. The last half of the article is a soft-pedal on the whole issue. I mean, why pass up a chance to bash the US?

Do guns from the US end up in Canada? Certainly. But isn't that Canadian Customs' problem? Of the guns that are smuggled, "Most are smuggled by Canadians." And yes we are working with Canada on this, but just as in the UK Canada's effort to become a gun-free society has not gotten rid of crime. [Hat Tip John Lott]

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