Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Red Meat and Hard Core Gun Addicts

Dr. Helen: Vegetarianism In an interesting post on the joy of tuna and fillet mignon, there is this gem.
My husband once said that he did not worry about violence from peace activists but frankly, I would rather hang out with a crowd of hard core gun addicts. I find them more capable of understanding and controlling their own aggression. People who preach peace in the face of appalling violence deny their aggression and target it at others who are not deserving of it or who are trying to protect them.
Dr. H is the Instawife.
[via the Geek - who has a "deep dark secret."]

France Declares End to Riots - But What Comes Next?

France's Toll of Destruction | The Brussels Journal With only 98 cars torched on the 20th night of riots, France declared they were over. About 100 cars are burned every night in France.
Before large-scale rioting started on 27 October the police had already registered 30,000 car-becues this year – an average of, indeed, 100 a day. What a boost this must be to the French automobile industry. In the same period there were 3,800 attacks on police officers – a “normal” non-riot average of almost 13 a day.

During the past three weeks of rioting an additional 10,000 cars were torched; 130 police officers got wounded; some 100 factories and industrial buildings were vandalized and/or set ablaze; the same thing happened to some 100 schools, kindergartens, sports centers and (other) government buildings, as well as to at least 13 Christian cemetaries, chapels and churches, plus at least 4 Jewish centers and synagogues. There was also one attempt to set fire to a mosque.
You know I love the statistics...

About 100 cars have burned every night for 15 years. This means that 547,500 have been set on fire. (They only count one fire, if one car burns several near by.) New Year's Eve sees between 300 and 400 cars burned. And this is "normal" for France.
The Soviet Union suddenly collapsed in 1989, when owing to the inability of communism to create wealth, the state went bankrupt, was unable to maintain its army and hold its empire together. In France, the same thing might be happening. The socialist welfare state is no longer able to maintain law and order and is abandoning entire neighbourhoods to anarchy.
Go take a look at the full interview, about how the double standards are pulling Europe apart. (If those who were buring cars and assualting police and spreading hate were white, what would the reaction have been?) [hat tip Tammy Bruce]

Compromise Brings Wisconsin Concealed Carry One Step Closer

St. Paul Pioneer Press | 11/30/2005 | Compromise reached on weapons bill. The troopers will be able to know when they stop a car if the driver (owner) has a concealed carry permit. Troopers caught just looking up who has a permit will be guilty of a misdemeanor crime.

The governor is still planning to veto, but with the police on board, they will probably be able to override the veto. It failed by one vote in the house last time. [hat tip NRA-ILA]

No Amnesty for Illegals


Bush Vows to 'Enforce Our Border' Politics as usual.

I am firmly opposed to instituting any legal status for people illegally in the country. Doing so is amnesty - no matter what the President says. They are breaking the law. If you don't prosecute and/or deport, that is amnesty.

And if we do establish a guest worker program, it should not discriminate in favor of or against anyone. I am sure there are plenty of eastern Europeans who would be interested.

Whether you agree with the President or not, the NRA-ILA :: Grassroots Activism link will enable you to send a quick email to your Senators, Representative and to the President describing your position.

Update: Men's News Daily Columnist Jim Kouri: Who's Exploiting Mexican Immigrants? It isn't all sweetness and light. There is suffering and crime endured and caused by illegals.

A Clear Look at the CO2 Data

Right Wing Nut House � SHOW ME THE SCIENCE! There has been much written about the CO2 findings from the Antarctic ice core that covers 650,000 years, but think the write up at Right Wing Nut House is the best I've seen.

Two Thoughts on a Home Invasion

Clayton Cramer's BLOG: Civilian Gun Self-Defense Next Door. Open doors, and why the dogs are barking.

An open door is an invitation. Living in a small town is no protection.

If you wake up in the middle of the night because the dogs are barking, you should get the gun 1st, then turn on all of the lights in the house. If the dogs are barking because of an intruder, you want the gun. You want the lights so you don't shoot the son sleeping on the sofa. Wake everybody up! If it is a false alarm, so be it. Better everyone is awake for 10 minutes than a tragedy occurs.
[hat tip Les Jones]

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Why Do the British Have Such High Crime Rates?

Telegraph | Opinion | The law-abiding suffer, the mugger walks free. Because they won't punish the guilty - that's at least part of the answer.

Then Lord Chief Justice Woolf set out guidelines for minimum sentences that were to include jail time.
But hardly anything changed. Few magistrates or judges paid the slightest attention to the new guidelines - and young muggers went on receiving community service orders, just as before.
The trouble is that most young muggers regard community service orders as a bit of a laugh.
And so the UK continues to see violent crime spin out of control. Punishing the guilty is not done, and citizens are denied self-defense. All this results in a crime problem.

The Best Weapon Is the One You Have

Inside Bay Area - Police: Stabbing was self-defense. An Oakland California woman will not be prosecuted for the self-defense stabbing of her abusive husband.
Bleeding profusely from a head wound after being slammed into a wall by her husband, who continued to attack her, Shena Goode grabbed a knife and stabbed Anthony James to death in the couple's Oakland home, police said.
There was, of course, a court order restraining him from doing violence. It made no difference to him.

The fight started becuase Goode was talking to a girlfriend that Anthony James "didn't like." By the time the fight reached the kitchen, Shena Goode had a cut on her forehead that would take 20 staples to close. She grabbed a kitchen knife out of the sink and stabbed him in the chest.

What is it about these idiots that makes them think they have the right to control who you do and do not talk to on the phone?

An Illinois Carnival

Conservative Cat: Carnival of the Vicious, Invading Paleface Bastards #8. I love to point out the insanity of Illinois and Chicago Democrats - it is so easy after all. Richie Daley loves to go on about how guns are horrible. Of course he never goes anywhere without an armed security detail, so we have another case of "Do as I say, not as I do" coming out of the left.

Anyway, go look at what the Vicious, Invading Paleface Bastards are up to this week.

The Cotillion

Darleen's Place: The Cotillion - Girls want to have fun, Women do. This week's Cotillion reminds me of the only reason I like the holiday season - old movies. (The only one I don't look forward to is It's a Wonderful Life, because I have seen it too many times.) I hope you enjoy this week's collection of conservative writing.

Cross posted as usual at the Cotillion.

Monday, November 28, 2005

GPS Monitoring System Does NOT Stop Murder

Santa Rosa slaying prompts search to improve GPS monitoring. The mutant in question was being monitored by GPS tracking system. He still broke into his ex-wife's home, waited 90 minutes and then shot her before killing himself.

Milwaukee and Seattle: a Comparison

The Sheboygan Press - To the Point: Wisconsin citizens can be trusted with their own safety. Milwaukee (Wisconsin) does not have concealed carry. Seattle (Washington) does have concealed carry. Milwaukee has recorded 113 homicides year-to-date. Seattle has recorded 27. Both cities are similar in size.

Not only does Washington allow concealed carry, but they have "no duty to retreat" (the provision that caused the left to go into siezures when passed in a recent Florida law). Yet the Wisconsin powers that be know better, and continue to fight against the right of self-defense. [Hat tip KABA]

Shooting Sports: Cowboy Action Shooting

The Shreveport Times: The Old West comes to life. A nice article about the shooting sport of Cowboy Action shooting. Shows people having good, clean fun. [KABA]

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Overcoming Fear

words: Bang. A new blog. A new gunner. A first trip the range. Powerful writing. [h/t Kevin]

More of the "I'm not responsible" meme

Chicago Tribune | Woman hurt in Metra crash says drivers aren't to blame. One of the drivers hurt when a Chicago commuter train crashed into 6 cars, which hit 11 other cars and injured 13 people says she is "angry" at officials for blaming her.

After all, there were no lights flashing when SHE STOPPED ON THE TRACKS!

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel that she is responsible for stopping on the tracks in the first place? Didn't they mention in driver's ED that trains will occasionally run on train tracks? Didn't they say not to stop on the tracks? And even if they didn't would you stop on train tracks? (Don't answer that.)

But we can't blame people for making bad decisions. We can't expect people to live with the consequences of their choices. In short we can no longer expect adults to act responsibly. I expect that the city, the transit authority, and the manufacturer of the train will all be sued.

Court Order No Protection | Local & State. Yet again, the courts prove they cannot protect you.
Gonzalez was in the Wake County jail Saturday evening after being charged with first-degree burglary, second-degree kidnapping, second-degree forcible rape, misdemeanor assault and violation of a domestic violence protective order.
Nothing more than a piece of paper, court orders cannot protect you.

Academics, Media "Out of Touch"

Pew Research Center Poll Shows Liberals, Media Out of Touch. No surprise here, but as always I love the statstics.
“Do you think democracy will succeed in Iraq?”

• 56% of the American public polled said “Yes”
• 64% of the US military in Iraq said “Yes’
• 33% of journalists said it only ‘had a chance’
• 27% of the academic world said it might succeed

When asked if they thought the decision for military action in Iraq was the correct one, those polled responded with almost 50% of the American public saying “Yes”. However, on the liberal/leftist side of the fence only 21% of academics and 28% of the press believes it was justified.
The people in the best position to know about Iraq - the US Military - are 64% convinced democracy will win in Iraq. [hat tip John Lott]

Out of Gas - UK Turns Back the Clock on Energy

Telegraph | Opinion | Winter comes to Mr Blair's la-la land and we're likely to be shivering for some time. Tony Blair loves Kyoto. So his energy policy has been to depend more on gas and less on coal.
Over the past eight years, Tony Blair and his colleagues have emitted a great deal of environmentally-friendly hot air on the subject of energy. But this winter they are at long last getting their come-uppance in the form of CH4, methane, the principal constituent of natural gas.
There are two problems. One is lack of gas... Britain is short of supply. The second is cost. The price of natural gas is up 500% this year in the UK. "The price of natural gas leapt from 30 pence a therm to above 150 pence a therm."

So what is to be done? Go back to coal. Telegraph | News | Soaring prices and fears that gas supply will not meet demand fuel initiatives to create £500m mine. And although the UK has invested in "clean coal" technology, I bet this will put a cramp in Blair's vision of himself as an "environmental leader."

Saturday, November 26, 2005

John Bolton's Impact on the UN

Jerusalem Post | US pressures UN to condemn Hizbullah All the naysayers are hiding, but it is clear Bolton has had some impact.
[The UN Security Council] condemnation - slamming Hizbullah by name for "acts of hatred" - marked the first time the Security Council has ever reprimanded Hizbullah for cross-border attacks on Israel. The condemnation followed by two days a failed attempt to get a condemnation issued on Monday, the day of the attack, when Algeria came out against any mention of Hizbullah in the statement.

When asked what changed from Monday to Wednesday, one diplomatic official replied: "John Bolton."
Is this the only change? No.
The statement against Hizbullah came just a few weeks after the Security Council condemned Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for his call to wipe Israel off the map. That was also a precedent-setting condemnation, marking the first time the UN body ever condemned an Islamic state for statements against Israel.
I still think the UN is a lost cause. [h/t AlphaPatriot]

Friday, November 25, 2005

A (reasonably) positive article about guns in the New York Times?

Image hosted by Photobucket.comNow, Accounting Can Get Its Gun - New York Times. This is a story about the increasing popularity of corporate shooting outings in NYC, and about a company that takes corporate types out of the city for these trips.

On the whole, it makes the shooting sports look fun and sane. They do try to get one psychiatrist to say it is "bad," but even he changes his tune at the end of the day.
"Before today, I thought something like this was unequivocally harmful," [Dr. Kenneth Porter, a Manhattan psychiatrist,] said. "But now I've learned otherwise."
The reporter does try to slant the article in a negative way - including the first quote from Dr. Porter - but everyone interviewed is a solid professional just out for a day of fun. "Doctors, lawyers and Wall Street types" are not a collection of maniacs. (No lawyer jokes please!) Given the venue, I have to say this article is something of minor miracle.

All I can say is that the weather in Hell must be unseasonably cold this year. [KABA]

Facts about gun control and crime

Mythology Instead of Criminology: Newsroom: The Independent Institute. This article is so full of juicy statistics that I just don't know where to begin.
[Gun Control] is based on the unfounded belief that the more guns in an area the more violence will occur. If that were true, the United States, with 280 million guns today, should have a far higher murder rate than after WWII when we had only 48 million guns. Instead, the murder rate is the same.
International comparisons are fun too.
Russia’s recently disclosed murder rates since 1965 have consistently exceeded U.S. rates despite Russia’ ban of handguns and strict control of long guns. Since the 1990s Russian murder rates have remained almost four times greater than American.

Anti-gun advocates used to compare the United States to England, Canada and Australia, nations specially selected because they once combined low violence rates with severe gun controls. But gun controls and initially low violence rates did not prevent their violent crime rates from steadily outpacing ours in recent decades. Although these nations banned and confiscated hundreds of thousands of guns in the 1990s, today their violence rates are among the highest in the world—more than twice ours.
Then there is a whole list of once gun-controlling researchers who changed their tune after years of research. Professor Hans Toch found crime to be lower in those areas of the country where guns are more prevalent. Professors James Wright and Peter Rossi found no evidence that gun control reduces crime. Gary Kleck finds the fixation on guns that the left has to be a "fetish" that distracts from the real issue, violent crime.

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Self-defense in Arkansas :: Ex-spouse shot man in stomach, police say. After years of threats...
A North Little Rock man was in serious condition Monday after his ex-wife shot him in the stomach while he was trying to break into her home in east Little Rock, police said.
Never a permanent restraining order, but several petitions were filed. But in the end Judy Melton defended herself.

I wonder if he will get the message that he isn't welcome. Probably not. She filed for divorce and that was granted in March of 2003, and he is still trying to get to her. Some people just can't take a hint.

How Many Bloggers Does it Take to Piss-off a Dictator?

Armies of Liberation: A First for the Blogosphere. Just one if that blogger is Jane from Armies of Liberation and country in question is Yemen. Go take a look at results of her appearance on al-Jazeera. [h/t Watcher of Weasels]

Now this is TV I wish I'd seen

WREG-TV Memphis - Get Your Gun Maybe there is hope for the MSM.

[Update: Never write blog posts while half - or more than half - asleep. The Video is there. I had to load the dreaded IE - it would not work under Mozilla. The video isn't bad, I thought the bit on safes was overdone. A standard small safe if secured will thwart most burglars.]
My experiences inspired me to produce the series we're airing TONIGHT ON NEWS CHANNEL 3 AT 5, 6 & 10. We call it "Get Your Gun" because we wanted to reach those of you who are considering for the first time -- like me -- to arm yourself. Through our production of this series, I have developed an enormous respect for firearms, the experts who use them and our Second Amendment right as Americans to bear them. I am convinced that if more of us had a healthy respect for guns; if more of us as citizens knew HOW to use them, WHEN to use them, WHERE to secure them; and if more law-abiding citizens properly CARRIED the appropriate handgun, crime would not be as much of a problem. After all, most of the thugs out there don't have a clue about how to really harness the power of that gun they just stole, and they certainly don't understand the conviction of someone who is prepared to kill in order to protect himself or his family.
Emphasis in the original. Don't think you'll see this on CNN or anything similar in the NYT. [ Technorati tag: ]

911 Response: 8 minutes or 20?

'Excellent' police response not enough to save woman. Chicago PD reports 8 minute response time. Witnesses say it is more like 15 or 20. Either way, it wasn't fast enough.
Eight minutes. According to the Chicago Police Department, it took eight minutes for police to arrive at the scene where a man had been beating his wife for 15 to 20 minutes while her children screamed and hollered. In those eight minutes last Wednesday night, Stacey D. Moyer, 29, of 3555 S. Cottage Grove, was shot and killed. After shooting his wife of only two months, Billy Earl Winborn allegedly shot himself in the head.
But people in Chicago don't need to be able to defend themselves. The police will take care of everything.

Of course Richie Daley doesn't take a step without a police escort, so for him it's true. Everyone else is on their own. (But aren't guns illegal in Chicago? How was she shot?)

8 minutes isn't always the answer.
In another horrible domestic violence case that occurred in 2002, it took police officers 17 minutes to reach Ronyale White after her first 911 call. Two police officers were suspended for their slow response.
So when I'm dead and buried, my family will have the consolation of knowing someone was suspended - not fired - for a relaxed attitude.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A Harry Potter Review

Well I should know that I usually am disappointed by movies that have too much hype. This one was no different. See Log of Zendo: A Disappointing Harry Potter for my thoughts, but in a nutshell: The action was good, the story was lacking, the special effects where super. Action and special effects alone don't make a good movie.

Carnival of the Vanities

This week's Carnival of the Vanities was published by Don Surber After Hours. A contribution from yours truly was included.

Justifiable Homicide and Self-defense

LibertyHomeowners and self-defense stories are in the news.

The Sun Herald: One man dead, another charged in shooting. [Not the first story on the page] This is the case an ex-husband looking to do injury to his ex-wife and her new boyfriend. With an unusual twist the ex-husband recruited a friend of his to help out. They arrived at the new boyfriend's home armed with guns and baseball bats.
Hinton [the ex-husband] allegedly fired into the trailer, but did not hit anyone. Byrd said it appears Sexton returned fire in self-defense and struck Howell [the recruit] in the head. Howell was taken to a hospital in Alabama, where he later died.
The ex-husband will charged in the shooting.

WSFA TV Montgomery, AL - Police Decline to Charge Self-Defense Shooter. For the third time in a year, Montgomery police have not filed charges in a justifiable shooting.
Police say 37 year old Wallace Jones got into a traffic accident with another man near Godfrey and Day Streets early Saturday morning. Investigators say Jones then threatened the other driver with a baseball bat.

Then, the other driver pulled a gun and killed Jones. Now, police say they will not file charges against the shooter
JusticeThe story covers 2 other cases of self-defense in the last year and one case where it clearly was not self-defense, and the shooter was charged with assault. This is a very balanced story about guns and self-defense.

News from KTRK Houston: Intruder fatally shot by homeowner. This guy broke into a house armed with a baseball bat. The homeowner defending his wife and child warned the intruder he was armed, but this guy kept coming anyway.
HPD's Mike Walker said, "(As he) began to make his way through the residence the homeowner secured his wife and child. As he tried to go upstairs he shot him."

The intruder died at the scene. Police say classify the case as a justifiable homicide.
What else would it be?

Albany, GA: Armed resident holds criminal for police. These idiots picked the wrong house to rob.
Bill Mitchell, who live in the Rawson Circle, on the Avenues in North Central Albany, turned the table on two burglars, holding one at gunpoint until police arrived.
Though he only held one of the 2 burglars, police caught up with the other in short order and arrested them both.

News - Post-Tribune: Self-defense shooting In this case a 17-year-old burglar is likely going to be paralyzed from the gunshot wound he received after breaking into an Indiana home.
The homeowner called police and said a man had forced his way into her house, pointed a gun at her and demanded money.

When officers arrived, they found Walker with a shotgun slug in his side and a handgun nearby.
[Hat Tip Keep and Bear Arms]

Letter from the founder of Women Against Gun Control

Tooele Transcript: Women and Guns... Janalee Tobias offers this great rebutal to some gun control nonsense. I like a few of the points she makes.

As for women as a group favoring gun control, well that hasn't been true in a long time, if it ever was.
all it takes is one trip to the rifle range for women to discover that target shooting is more fun than shopping or scrapbooking.
The numbers of women shooting for sport and carrying guns for self-defense grows every year.

I have the right to defend myself. This is a natural right. To fully exercise this right I need effective means of self-defense. This is true today, but will really be evident as grow older. Firearms enable the old, the infirm, those who are of small stature or without physical strength to defend themselves against the young, the large, and the violent.
As a brochure for the Colt’s Patent Firearms Mfg. Co. put it, “Have no fear of any man no matter what his size. When danger threatens call on me, and I shall equalize.”
This is seen to be true in news stories every week.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Everything You wanted to Know About Holsters

From the Heartland: Holsters, Holsters and more Holsters. Holsters for concealed carry. (Tactical are easier and more comfortable, but not practical for most of us.)

All sorts of options are presented from inside the waistband to day-planners with holsters are covered. Some pluses and minuses for each type of carry. Go take a look.

Some options Gunscribe doesn't cover: Belly bands, thigh band holsters - useful if you are wearing a dress. The undershirt hoslter

I don't like the purse or the day-planner holsters. I have had 2 purses stolen in my life, and it is bad enough losing credit cards, driver's license, keys, etc. Losing a firearm would be horrible.

Weekly Check on the Media

mutantAlphecca: Weekly Check on the Bias. As always the "Weekly Check" is worth a look. There is some sanity coming out Wisconsin, but not enough, and there is plenty of bias to boil your blood.

The section of the Tacoma Mall shooting was intersting. Why was someone with multiple felony convictions, who was living in a house where people were know to have been shooting street signs still been on the streets? Anyway go read the whole thing.

Michael Yon: Photos of Iraqi School Kids

Michael Yon : Online Magazine: Show and Tell: A Photo Essay. Just go take a look. [via Beth]

A Thanksgiving Cotillion Feast

The Gray Tie >> A Thanksgiving Cotillion Ball. It is hard to believe that it is already Thanksgiving! Where has this year gone?

This week's Cotillion should satsify your hunger for conservative writing.

Monday, November 21, 2005

2004 FBI Uniform Crime Report

Crime in the United States 2004 It's funny but I don't recall anything in the news about the FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2004 being released. This could very well be my fault for not paying attention, but I became aware of it today and decided to have a look.

The statistics are from 2004 and were released by the FBI on October 17, 2005, but it seems the MSM only reported on it after the data was scrubbed by Quitno Press to produce a ranking of the most dangerous and safest cities. I guess I understand why this is. The full report is a 538 page Adobe PDF file. (The first link above is NOT to the PDF, but the FBI's main site for the report.) In addition to the PDF, which is available in sections on the main site, the tables are also available in spreadsheet format.

The news is generally good. Violent crime is down and the disturbing up-trend that began in 2000 seems to really have reversed itself.

Click on any of the diagrams below to see them full size.

As the Crime Clock shows, there is still much to be done to make our streets safer.
US Crime Clock 2004

Violent Crime:

Overall violent crime was down 2.2% from 2003 to a rate of 465.5 per 100,000 people. This is down from a high 758.2 per 100,000 people in 1991.
US Violent Crime Rate 2004

Murder and Nonnegligent Homicide

The rate of murder and nonnegligent manslaughter fell to 5.5 per 100,000 in 2004. This is down 3.3% from 2003, and down 0.8% from 2000. This is down from a high of 9.5 per 100,000 in 1993.

US Murder + Nonnegligent Manslaughter 2004

In the cases where supplemental data was available, the relationship between murderer and victim was unknown 44.1% of the time. Of the other 55.9% of cases - where relationships (if any) were known - 76.8% victims new their killers and 23.2% were killed by strangers.

The domestic violence component of murder was particularly chilling.
The 2004 data also revealed that 33.0 percent of female victims were killed by their husbands or boyfriends, and 2.7 percent of the male victims were slain by their wives or girlfriends. (Based on Tables 2.4 and 2.11.)
These statistics highlight why I believe women trying to get out of abusive relationships need to be armed, and furthermore they need to be armed everywhere they are on a known schedule: to-and-from work, picking-up and dropping-off kids at school or daycare, to-and-from religious services.

Justifiable homicides by a private citizen (as opposed to police) were down to 229 in 2004 from a high of 247 in 2003. Of those 229 justified killings, 170 or 74.2% were done using a firearm.

Forcible Rape

Rape is the one component of Violent Crime where the news is not so good. Although the rate of Forcible Rape is down 0.2% from 2003, it is still 0.6% higher than it was in 2000. The rate of 32.2 per 100,000 female inhabitants is down from a high of 42.8 per 100,000 female inhabitants in 1992.

US Forcible Rape Rate 2004
A word about "Forcible Rape." The FBI treats "statutory rape" as a non-violent crime unless the victim is very young, and men cannot be raped. If a man is attacked, that is counted under aggravated assault. (This is at least true for the Uniform Crime Report. The Victimization Survey - which is produced by a different methodology, the results of which cannot be compared to the UCR - tracks all of this differently. See the Bureau of Justice Statistics for more info. See especially the National Incident Based Reporting System, as NIBRS is the basis for the UCR.)

As this next chart shows, there was a surge in violent crime that began in 2000. This seems to have reversed itself overall, but the effects in rape can still be seen.

Rape - percent change since 2000


The robbery rate was down 4.1% from 2003. The rate was 136.7 per 100,000 in 2004 down from 142.5 per 100,000 in 2003. This rate is 5.7 percent lower than the 2000 rate, and it is down off a high of 272.7 per 100,000 in 1991.

Aggravated Assault

Aggravated assault accounts for 62.5% of all violent crime. The rate in 2004 was 291.1 per 100,000 down from 295.4 per 100,000 in 2003 for a decrease of 1.5%. This rate is 10.1% lower than the 2000 rate. The highest rate of Aggravated Assault was recorded in 1992 when the rate was 441.9 per 100,000.

US Aggravated Assault Rate 2004
Unfortunately the FBI does not track relationship data on Aggravated Assault the way they do on Murder and Nonnegligent Manslaughter, so it impossible from this report to draw any conclusions about domestic violence.

My Conclusions:

Something or several things happened in the late 1980's and early 1990's that changed the overall situation for violent crime in the United States. I think they are relatively easy to identify. Get tough on crime laws became popular in the mid to late 1980s. "Three strikes and you're Out" laws that send habitual violent criminals to jail for life are one example. Improvements in the various aspects of Castle Doctrine, such as Oklahoma's "Make My Day" law, that gave homeowners more ability to defend themselves made crime riskier. In essence the "cost" of crime went up dramatically in some areas.

I don't think you can rule out the 1987 passage of Florida's "Shall Issue" concealed carry law. Certainly Florida was not the first state to have a concealed carry law, nor was it the first state to have the "Shall Issue" form of the law, but the passage of Florida's law in 1987 was a catalyst for many states passing similar laws, or changing "May Issue" laws to "Shall Issue" taking the discretion away from bureaucrats over your right to defend yourself. All of these things made crime more risky - victims could no longer be counted on to be "helpless victims." Some would be armed citizens.

Certainly there is a demographic component to some of these numbers, but I don't think you can dismiss the work done by police departments, and the improved situation for self-defense. I only wish that more women would avail themselves of these means of self-defense, so that we might see the number of rapes and the number of domestic-violence murders decrease in years to come.

Call to 911 does not stop double murder

Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/19/2005 | Two killed despite girl's 911 call Egg Harbor Township in NJ is apparently large. A seven minute response to a 911 call was deemed "prompt." It probably is. Consider how far could you get from your home in 7 minutes.

Both the 14-year-old girl who called 911 and her mother were stabbed multiple times with a 9 inch knife and Phillips screwdriver. The girl said her stepfather was assaulting her mother.

Still think you can rely on the system to protect you? Seven minutes is more than enough time to do harm. A gun may not have saved these two, but it is clear given the reality of the law-enforcement situation, that the system - the police - were just not able to respond fast enough.

Tam's View on Hunting Technology

View From The Porch: Boomsticks: A New Level of Hunting Snobbery. PA is going to legalize the use of Atlatl for deer hunting next season. Go take a look. It made me laugh.

Why I Don't Like the Death Penalty - Executed man may have been innocent - Nov 20, 2005. I am not opposed to the death penalty on moral or religious grounds. I oppose the death penalty because the criminal justice system is a government agency - actually many government agencies. As such it is as poorly run as any other government agency. The system does not always serve justice. Like most systems, it serves itself first.

This is a case in point
The eyewitness, Juan Moreno, told the Chronicle that it wasn't Cantu who shot him. Moreno said he identified Cantu as the killer during his 1985 trial because he felt pressured and was afraid of authorities.

Meanwhile, Cantu's co-defendant, David Garza, recently signed a sworn affidavit saying he allowed his friend to be accused, even though Cantu wasn't with him the night of the killing.
So it looks like Texas executed an innocent man.

When you consider the number of people on death row that have been exonerated by DNA evidence, and you consider that very many people are on death row for whom there is no DNA evidence to check, it is almost a foregone conclusion that innocent lives are going to be lost.

"The System" produced this pressure on witnesses to purjure themselves in a capital case. Police showed the witness Cantu's photograph 3 separate times. Is this system something you want to invest with the power to execute someone? Why were they so set on Cantu? (The witness had been an illegal alien at the time, and was afraid of police.)

And consider that any system built by humans and relying on human judgement is going to be imperfect.
Miriam Ward, forewoman of the jury that convicted Cantu, said the panel's decision was the best they could do based on the information presented during the trial.
Beyond a reasonable doubt, is not the same thing as beyond all doubt.
"Better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer," says English jurist William Blackstone. People complain about supporting convicted murderers in prison. But how much is one innocent man's life worth? What if it was your life? [via KABA]


As you may or may not already be aware, members of the Watcher's Council hold a vote every week on what they consider to be the most link-worthy pieces of writing around... per the Watcher's instructions, I am submitting one of my own posts for consideration in the upcoming nominations process.

Here is the most recent winning council post, here is the most recent winning non-council post, here is the list of results for the latest vote, and here is the initial posting of all the nominees that were voted on.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Bennigan's Restaurant - NOT Family Friendly

Xavier Thoughts: An Open Letter to Bennigan's Restaurant Xaxier of Xavier Thoughts took his 10-year-old daughter to Bennigan's to celebrate doing well in school. Gangster Rap begins playing on the sound system during the appetizer. It took over 5 minutes to get this selection changed. This was at about 5 PM, when families might be expected to be in attendance.

The bartender thought is was funny. The Manager made lame excuses. Since they did change the music, he stayed.

Not exactly the kind of place you want to take kids. Consider that if you are taking the family out to eat.

And if you aren't reading Xavier, you should be.

83-year-old Chases off knife-wielding intruders

SavannahNOW | Elderly man on oxygen chases off intruders - 11/19/2005 He did this with a gun of course. How else?

It was just his good luck that the 2 robbers didn't stick around to find out if it was loaded. It wasn't, but it is now! Needless to say, no shots were fired. Not my idea of home defense, but it got the job done.
[ hat tip Clayton Cramer's Civ Gun-defense Blog ]

Cotillion Interview at Basil's Blog

basil’s blog � The Cotillion. A group interview of the Cotillion - or a large subset anyway - is up at Basil's. Go take a look.

Racism on the Left

Michelle Malkin: JUST A YELLOW WOMAN DOING A WHITE MAN'S JOB. Several people have commented on the reaction the left has when a minority steps outside of the place reserved for them by the left. The attacks are vicious, hateful racism. The attacks on Michael S. Steele while running for the Senate, and Dr. Rice when she was nominated to the position of Secretary of State show exactly how the left reacts to diverse opinion; it tries to destroy the messenger. Michelle Malkin is now facing the same type of attack.
During one of countless book-related radio interviews this week, a liberal radio host insultingly asked me whether I write my own column. His question was prompted by vicious anonymous bloggers who portray me as a greedy Asian whore/dupe/brainwashing victim who simply parrots what my white slavemasters program into my empty little head. These critics have stepped up attacks on my husband Jesse as a fanatical right-wing puppeteer orchestrating all I do and say.
The Left you see is all in favor of diversity, as long as it is not diversity of opinion. Step out of the place that the Left has reserved for you - based on race, or any other characteristic - and no attack is too vicious. Those in the political left do not like to debate the issues, so they attack the individual.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Responsibility and Blame

There has been some discussion on various websites - including mine - about responsibility and blame.

[Update Feb, 15 2010: Haloscan has abandoned me, so the links to comments on past posts no longer work.]

On the one hand we have loonies who hold that advocating the taking of responsibility for your own safety is tantamount to blaming the victim. If you are responsible and something happens then it is your fault. So it is best to advocate reliance on the state for protection - so no individual gets blamed.

On the other hand we have the loonies who maintain that you can defend yourself against any attack, if only you prepare yourself enough. You can build defenses against any attack, so you should get to work now.

Of course both extremes are wrong.

Making a plan for your security can be as simple as buying some pepper spray, or as complicated as studying the martial arts. As I have stated on numerous occasions, I am a firm believer in the power of firearms to provide personal defense. Others have other ideas and that is fine.

I also understand that just because I have a plan for my personal defense, I do not have a guarantee for my personal safety. Having a plan does, however, change the odds in my favor. Just as wearing a seatbelt does not guarantee that you will be uninjured in an automobile accident, having a firearm, learning the martial arts or carrying pepper spray will not make you invincible. Yet we wear seatbelts. We do all kinds of things that only make sense because they "change the odds." (Exercise, eat right, lock your doors, etc.) And we encourage people to refrain from things, like smoking, that tilt the odds against them. None of these strategies works every time. Non-smokers do get lung cancer; they don't get it as often as do smokers.

Why don't we encourage people to defend themselves if it changes the odds? I believe the answer is mostly political.
“You can’t make Socialists out of individualists. Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming where everyone is interdependent.”
--John Dewey (1859-1952), reformer
of the American public school system
People who take some responsibility for their own safety are almost by definition not willing to turn their whole lives over to the state. Socialism demands that you turn your life over to the state. If not your whole life, then a very large portion of it.

While the state can play its part in ensuring our safety, like sending violent offenders to jail, there are limits to how much protection the state can provide. To often I read articles about women who have restraining orders against stalkers, call 911 - or don't even have a chance to call 911 - and still end up dead. The state can only do so much.

There are things that the states are doing which are clearly working - even if they are not working perfectly. Crime in the US is at 30 or 40 year lows. Some of this is due to improved policing methods, some to mandatory minimum sentences and I believe some is due to laws like Concealed Carry and Oklahoma's "Make My Day" law. Other things are not working so well. Police need to be able to quickly respond - the response times will never be zero even when the victim can call before the crime occurs. Criminals need to be sent to jail for long enough to impress on them the severity of their actions - with the hope that they will not repeat their crimes. None of this will work in every situation.

Taking personal responsibility for your safety and the safety of your family is not asking victims to take responsibility for the actions of criminals. Criminals are responsible for their own actions, and need to be held accountable for those actions when found guilty. Taking responsibility for your safety is no more than recognizing that you are not helpless, you can take some action, and any action you take will influence the outcome of a criminal encounter. Look at it another way; if I am wearing a seatbelt and am still injured in a car crash, is it my fault that I am injured? (Assuming of course that said crash was not my fault.) If my plans and my preparations fail to protect me from all hazards that only proves that I am human.

Taking responsibility for your own safety does not guarantee safety; just as turning your safety over to the state will not guarantee your safety. No solution is perfect. Nothing in this world is perfect. But being a responsible adult does imply that you take responsibility for those things that you can control.

The Democratic Plan for Iraq

Power Line has a great take on the Democrats and Iraq.

A picture really is worth a thousand words.

Sometimes Statistics Tell the Story

Gay Patriot � We Must Leave The War Zone Immediately!!! It is more dangerous to live in DC than is to be a member of the US armed forces in Iraq.
If you consider that there have been an average of 160,000 troops in the Iraqi theater of operations during the last 22 months, and a total of 2,112 deaths, that gives a ... death rate of 60 per 100,000.

The [firearm] rate in Washington D.C. is 80.6 per 100,000.
So should we leave DC immediately?

Buy Ammo Day

Image hosted by

Why I love "Day By Day"

Click the image for a better view of the cartoon.
Day By Day Copyright 2005 © Chris Muir

Chirs Muir really does seem to capture the essence of what is happening in politics today.

Our fearful Democrats have such a short memory when it comes to things like votes, and speeches. Fortunately we have video to remind them of what they said, and voting records to remind them of how they voted.
Image hosted by
The sound like a bunch of cry babies who don't want to remember the truth about a situation, and they also sound like a bunch of people who don't believe in our troops or in what we are trying to do in Iraq. And to be truthful, they sound like a bunch of politicians who will say anything they think will help get them elected.

39th Carnival of Cordite

Resistance is futile!: Carnival of Cordite #39 As always there is something for everyone. From cartoons to pumpkin chunking to range reports to cool gun photos. Enjoy

Friday, November 18, 2005

A Report from Canada on Suicide

Suicides and the “Gun Deaths” Fraud [ This is a PDF - You have been warned! ] One of the things the gun fearing weenies like to go on about is that guns cause suicide. But do they? This report from Canada calls that proposition into question.

Whenever someone takes his or her own life, that is a tragedy. But if we are to combat suicide, then we need to understand its causes, and to look at "the means" as if it were "the cause" helps no one. Clear thinking is called for. Unfortunately, one rarely gets clear thinking from the public health profession.

Mauser Table 1Gary Mauser has assembled some interesting statistics that point out the public health profession's obsession with saving us from ourselves. Or as he puts it:
This paternalistic notion stems from a public health view of people as “patients” who need treatment and it is incompatible with the view that ordinary people are responsible citizens.
The first issue is the public health description of "gun deaths." But this hides the very different nature of those deaths. Suicides account for 80% of the "gun deaths" in Canada, so perhaps it would be instructive to take a closer look at suicides.

If guns caused people to commit suicide, then the US should see a much higher incidence of suicide based on the much higher level of gun ownership, but this is NOT the case.
In 2001, the overall suicide rate was 11.9 in Canada and 10.7 in the US
Doesn't look too good for the "guns cause suicide" hypothesis.

Mauser Table 2The truth is that the mere presence of a gun will not cause someone to commit suicide.
Ordinary people do not tend to commit suicide. Research shows that suicide is associated with mental illness, substance abuse, depression, and family violence (Wilson, 1991). This neither describes the typical Canadian nor the typical gun owner. Moreover, shooting oneself is not a popular method of suicide. It is the third most frequent method after hanging and poisoning oneself; guns are involved in about 1 out of six suicides (18 percent).
In the absence of a firearm, someone wanting to commit suicide will just turn to another choice of means. One might just as well say that easy access to rope causes suicide.

To solve the problems of society requires clear thinking. Too often those in some level of authority are on mission to save us from ourselves, because they know what is best for us. Add to this the not-so-hidden agenda of the Left to ban guns, and you get a world filled with unintended consequences. [via NRA-ILA]

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

Man Caught After Picking Wrong House to Burglarize. A bad guy is in jail, a good guy protected himself and his family, and no shots were fired.
Poland and his wife heard a noise upstairs around five o'clock Wednesday morning. He grabbed his gun, walked up the hallway and discovered the intruder.

Jeffrey Poland, Stopped Burglar: "He turned around and started running toward me. I told him to stop...told him I had a gun and that I would shoot him but he still kept coming toward me. I hollered at him again..'I got a gun..stop or I’ll shoot you' finally, he stopped and looked at me and realized I had a gun and was serious."
Mr. Poland held the mutant at gunpoint until officers arrived.

The mutant is in jail, and police report that he was high on heroin.

The only downside seems to be that Mrs. Poland passed out while still on the phone with 911 - she was apparently overcome by the stress.

Castle Doctrine comes to PA

LibertyProposed Changes to Gun Laws. Well a proposal to bring the Castle Doctrine anyway.
"We believe people who obey the law, whether they're in their home, business, or car have a right to defend themselves," says Rep. Cappelli. "They shouldn't have to run or try and hide and escape that potential injury before protecting themselves."
The gun fearing weenies have got their knickers in a twist - predicting, doom and gloom and blood in the streets as usual.

Many states have a version of a do-not-retreat Castle Doctrine (Oaklahoma for instance), and the general affect is to reduce crime.

And Florida has an even better version of the Castle Doctrine which has been in force since October 1st, and blood is most definitely not running in the streets. (They keep predicting the same thing, and it never comes true...)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

National Buy Ammo Day: November 19

Uncle Sam
One of the best ways to ensure our right to keep and bear arms, is to have arms and ammunition in our hands. Buy Ammo Day (or week) addresses the ammunition side of this equation.

Two New Organizations on the Sidebar

I've added two new gun rights organizations to the list of organizations in the sidebar under Links.

Women Against Gun Control is a free to join group that supports the 2nd Amendment and a woman's right to protect herself.


Mothers Arms teaches women how to protect themselves and their children from assault and aggression in a dangerous world.

The complete list is listed below. Take a look there are a lot of good organizations here.

Women and Gun Rights - Girls, Get Your Guns. Aside from the title of this article, I like it very much. A fairly accurate picture of women and shooting.
Pro-gun women have gradually become more prominent in both the personal and public arenas, though the evidence is largely anecdotal. Statistics on this trend are difficult to locate and confusing; they have become a source of controversy in-and-of themselves, as gun control advocates argue that claims of female gun ownership are often inflated.
Wendy McElroy, the author of this article is editor of [h/t Freeholder]

Armies of Liberation was on al-Jazeera

Armies of Liberation: I was on al-Jazeera. Jane gives a critique of her appearance on the dreaded al-Jazeera. For those who don't know, Armies of Liberation is dedicated to exposing the corruption, persecution of independent journalists and general abuse of human rights by the Yemini government. For this she is called anti-Arab.
So my opening was, Its very strange that anyone would call me anti-Arab, since I spend so much of my time advocating for the human rights and civil rights of Arab people.
Take a look at some of her articles on Yemin and some articles about her as well.

The French Surrender

French Surrender. You can't make this stuff up.
Some of the 200 demonstrators — a small turnout in protest-friendly France — waved white flags.
Heh. You Knew It Was Bound to Happen Sooner or Later.

OK, so not very many of the French surrendered.... But all of those French jokes are born out of some truth it would seem. [Hat tip to Ken Summers]

Alphecca's Weekly Check on the Media

Alphecca: Weekly Check on the Bias. Lots of good stuff in this week's review of the media by Jeff, over at Alphecca.

Starts with a very positive article about women owning guns by ABC News. Moves on to a reasonable critique of the SF gun ban in the Chicago Tribune of all places, and then goes on to cover several other topics. Jeff deserves the traffic so click over to his place to see all of the links.

Every Now and Then the MSM Gets it Right

Michael Yon : Online Magazine: Americans Among Us Remeber Walt Gaya? The Army sniper with the wounded eye and citizenship problems. Michael Yon reports that AP reporter Tony Castaneda wrote a couple of stories about Walt, and got him the news coverage that was needed to cut through the red tape. Things seem to be taken care of. And Walt Gaya says "Thank you" to everyone who helped.

As Michael Yon says:
Thank you, Walt.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A twist on an old rhyme

Image hosted by
Click the image for a better view [Hat tip cowboy blob]

Little Miss Muffet
Sat on a tuffet
Eating her curds and whey.
Along came a spider
And sat down beside her
And frightened Miss Muffet away
Muffet went back
And checked her gun rack
Grabbing a .357
Finding the spider
She sat down beside her
And blew that poor sucker to heaven.
(The uncut version)

Quote of the Day

Until protection orders are made out of Kevlar, carrying a gun is the only way a woman can truly defend herself.
Clark Aposhian, manager of Totally Awesome Guns and Range in Utah.
[h/t Liberty Belles]

Cotillion Carnevale!

This weeks Cotillion is posted at both the Cotillion site and Free Thoughts. And despite protests about inexperience, I think Stefania did a fantastic job. Go take a look.

Releasing Young but Violent Offender Has Consequences

Youngest Serial Rape Suspect. A judge released a young rapist - 14 years old - after his first attack. This "kid" went on to commit 8 more rapes, becoming the youngest serial rapist in Philadelphia's history.
Officials say the suspect was previously apprehended after an assault at 57th and Arch last March. Records show a family court judge refused to detain or order treatment for the young suspect, instead releasing him on probation.
They refuse to identify the judge.

So a kid commits a rape, and barely gets a slap on the wrist. Is anyone surprised that he learned the lesson "rape is hardly against the law?" Justice was not served. The public was not protected. This judge, because his name is apparently not being released, will not be held accountable. And so we see the results of the bleeding-heart policies of the left.

A Red-herring for Wisconsin Concealed Carry

The Journal Times Online: Officials want to know who will pay to secure public buildings. Suddenly the left is worried that people might be carrying guns in public buildings. Of course, today, there is nothing to stop people from bringing concealed weapons into most public buildings (a few court houses are guarded), and every one of them is breaking current Wisconsin law. But they are just so fearful of armed, law-abiding citizens.
Their concerns focus on security for municipal buildings because the only way to stop people from bringing concealed weapons into most government buildings, according to the bill, is for those buildings to have electronic screening at all public entrances and locked storage for the weapons of people licensed for concealed-carry.
So of course they have to plan to build and man these metal detectors everywhere.

The idea that legal concealed carry is safe, hasn't penetrated Wisconsin.

Why aren't they worried about protecting the workers in government buildings from concealed weapons today? Why weren't they worried last year, or 10 years ago? This couldn't be political, could it?

Monday, November 14, 2005

The System Fails to Protect Again

The Seattle Times: Local News: Kitsap shootings blamed on convicted felon who had just made bail. OK - to those on the left who still say that self-defense in not necessary and we should just rely on the police, here is another tragedy you need to explain.
Less than 12 hours after posting bail, Case, 35, of Seattle, who had been arrested for investigation of a domestic offense against Teresa Marie Delisio, 34, shot and wounded her father, Michael Hahn, 58, killed her and then committed suicide at Hahn's house near Olalla, Kitsap County sheriff's deputies said.
Repeated intimidation yielded repeated arrests. A court order stated there was to be "no contact" between the parties, and still we have one innocent dead, another in the hospital - expected to recover.

A gun may not have saved Teresa Delisio's life or kept Michael Hahn out of the hospital, but it is painfully clear that a restraining order, and $75,000 bail did nothing to protect them. The police and the courts were in the end powerless to defend them. Their only chance would have been to defend themselves. It appears however that only Mr. Case was armed.

If someone is bent on destruction and violence, there is very little the system can do you protect you. In those few moments that determine life and death you are on your own. You must take measures to ensure your own safety. A gun may not have saved them - there are no guarantees in this life - but it is damn clear that very little else would save them.
[Image by Oleg Volk, of A-Human-Right]

National Buy Ammo Week

Image hosted by
Buy Ammo Day is officially the 19th, but recognizing that not everyone will be free on that day due to personal commitments, it is really Buy Ammo Week. 100 rounds of ammo is not a lot.

100 rounds of 9mm target ammo can be had for under $15 at Wal-Mart. 500 rounds of .22 Long Rifle is less than 10 bucks.

One of the best ways to ensure our right to keep and bear arms, is to have arms and ammunition in our hands. Buy Ammo Day (or week) addresses the ammunition side of this equation.

Some statistics

JusticeStamford Advocate - Some women feel safer under new law that makes protective orders easier to get. So it's easy to get a court order... Does it do anything for you?
A 2003 federally sponsored study of all protective orders in Quincy, Mass., for instance, showed 49 percent of accused domestic violence suspects had a court order against them but re-offended anyway. A 2000 study found that about 35 percent of women assaulted by a male "intimate" had already taken out court orders against the man, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

In Connecticut, annual statistics show that about 17 percent of domestic violence arrests involve a suspect who violates a court order.
Imagine if the brakes on your car worked 49% of the time. What would you think of brakes? What would you think if they failed 17% of the time? I wouldn't think too much of them.

Yet court orders are held up as THE means to control domestic violence. Even this article, which highlights the failings of court orders, fails to mention any other action a victim can take. Is self-defense such an alien concept?

A Question of safety

Some Quick Thoughts on Current Headlines - The Post Chronicle What will the SF Ban accomplish? It will disarm the law-abiding.
On the other hand, did you hear about the 66 year old grandma who shot a home invader in her home a couple days ago? The event was recorded on a 911 call. What do you suppose would have happened if she WASN'T armed! If you were a robber, which home would be more attractive to you: The one with the "Protected by Smith & Wesson" sticker or the one with the "Gun Free Zone" sticker on the door?
Gee, let me think.... (my post on the grandma)

North Carolina Group Wants to Expand Concealed Carry

The Kinston Free Press: 10-year record would vouch for expanded gun law. Grass Roots North Carolina wants to allow concealed carry permit holders to carry weapons in public parks. To provide protection to joggers and other park patrons.

The Kingston Free Press agrees.
Gun-control advocates would likely balk at this proposal, suggesting that such a lessening of restrictions would make parks - where children play - dangerous places.

We disagree.

And we do so because we haven't seen other places that law-abiding citizens are allowed to carry their guns become more dangerous.
The past 10 years have shown us that there is no reason to fear allowing law-abiding citizens who are trained in handgun safety to carry their weapons.
After 10 years with a distinct lack of "the wild west" it is time to remove some of the restrictions on concealed carry. (And not just in NC!) [hat tip KABA]

The Susan Powter Edition of the Best of Me Symphony

The Owner's Manual: #103 Best of Me Symphony.The 103rd Symphony is guest-conducted by fitness guru Susan Powter.
Hard work - I mean, does anybody use that term anymore? Laziness doesn't fly. It's all in the practice. It does take work and it ain't easy - but man, the rewards!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

Hunter shoots intruder. Break-in leads to death of the bad guy.
Burns told investigators that he was awakened by a vehicle in his driveway. He said he went to investigate and found an intruder in his house. Burns told police he returned to his bedroom for a gun.
The mutant was pronounced dead at the scene. [hat tip Alphecca]

How divided is America really?

Telegraph | Opinion | Travel 2,500 miles in any direction and see if you can find two more similar cities. Sometimes you are too close to something to see it clearly. This is why I enjoy reading the impressions of America offered by visiting and expat Brits. With a different perspective on liberal and conservative, they see American politics and culture with fresh eyes.

This article from the London Telegraph is just such a piece. Niall Ferguson reflects on the cultural divide or its lack as he travels around the US. After flying the 2500 miles from San Francisco to Miami, he considers how similar they are, especially compared to a similar trip in Europe.
ask yourself where you would end up if you flew the same distance - around 2,500 miles - eastwards from London. The answer is Baku. How about flying the same distance from Zurich? You'd be in Khartoum.
He also points out that the true map of politics is not the red and blue state map, but the mostly purple politics-by-county weighted-by-population map.

The whole this is refreshing and worth a look.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

And I really wanted to be Jack Sparrow

Log of Zendo: Which Action Hero? "That's Captain Jack Sparrow." "Reason's got nothing to do with it!" "Why is the rum gone?"

Ted Nugent's View on Self-defense

Xtreme Right Wing. Scratching the Rash of Liberalism! Imagine Anyone who wonders why I just love Ted Nugent, isn't paying very close attention.
Anybody that doesn’t think it is better to blow someones brains out than to be raped, deserves to be raped! If you don’t think your life is worth it then please go out there, don’t wear any underpants and get RAPED!! Cuz you deserve it …
What's not to love?
To show you how radical I am, I want carjackers dead. I want rapists dead. I want burglars dead. I want child molesters dead. I want the bad guys dead. No court case. No parole. No early release. I want ‘em dead. Get a gun and when they attack you, shoot ‘em.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Veteran's Day Edition of the Carnival of Cordite

Resistance is futile!: Carnival of Cordite #38. Gullyborg did a fine job with what turned out to be a huge carnival. (2 entries from yours truly!)

Range reports, a jab at Kerry, lots of good photos. Go take a look.

National Buy Ammo Day

One of the best ways to ensure our right to keep and bear arms, is to have arms and ammunition in our hands. Buy Ammo Day (or week) addresses the ammunition side of this equation. (don't you just love

Oops... November 19th!

Death From Stupidity

WCCO-TV - Man Accidentally Shoots Self In Chest, Dies. I sense a Darwin award in the making.
Witnesses told St. Louis County investigators that 36-year-old Allen Lee Cooke was showing a .22-caliber revolver to a friend when the gun discharged while he was twirling it on his finger.
There are rules of gun safety. Violate them and things like this happen. It isn't rocket science. Don't point a gun at anything you are not willing to shoot - like your own chest.

(And for those who still hold that only a .45 will do.... at close range, even a .22 can be lethal.) [hat tip Alphecca]

Police don't care about all victims

Victims tell of hate crime beating in Hartford So you think you can rely on the police? I know that I can't... not always.

Two lesbians were attacked by a group of men as they left a bar and walked to their car. They were beaten bad enough to suffer broken bones.
The men knocked the pair to the ground, beat them, yelling names like queer and dyke. Someone called 911.

Sources tell Eyewitness News the attack victims waited an hour and a half and saw no police, no ambulance.
The higher-ups insist that they were on it from the start, but it looks like they only bothered to make a report after few days of bad publicity.

Most police that I know are top notch people, but unfortunately there are few - not an insignificant number, but not a lot - who just don't give a damn about anyone from minority communities. I've met a few of them as well. No one should have to wait for an hour and a half for an ambulance in the middle of city - not unless there is a war on. Or why bother to have a 911 system at all?

Having waited several days to even begin an investigation, I doubt the police will find anyone. I also doubt that the people who ignored a call for help will even be reprimanded for not doing their jobs. And of course even in states that allow concealed carry, it is not generally permitted in bars. So once again the powers that be have decreed that a vulnerable population is disarmed at exactly the time and place defense is likely to be necessary.

Good Guys 2, Bad Guys 0

delawareonline - Man confronts intruders, killing 1. 60-year-old avid sportsman, Thomas Morganstern, shot 2 burlars who had ambushed him in his dining room. Cleveland Richardson, 28, and Stephen L. Norwood, 26, shot at Morganstern as he came down the stairs, and missed. Morganstern shot back and didn't miss.

Richardson was found that night - Mortgastern called 911 at 12:30 AM. Ricardson was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to his abdomen. Norwood's body was found the next day in a yard across the street.
Richardson faces charges of first-degree attempted murder, first-degree burglary, possession of a firearm during a felony and conspiracy, Navarro said.
Morganstern will not be charged.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Another DA wants to prosecute self-defense

JusticeGay man released in death of attacker. Chased and attacked by multiple homophobic stupid brutes men, 21-year-old Lucas Dawson stabbed one of his attackers after being hit with a basketball [thanks to Kevin for the correction!] and repeatedly punched.

The first stab did nothing to stop the attack, so Dawson stabbed Gerald Knight, 17, a second time. For that, Assistant District Attorney M.K. Feeney wants to prosecute. (Knight died from stab wounds.) After all, Dawson defended himself and didn't even need to be hospitalized, he is obviously guilty in the eyes of the DA. (I would bet that Feeney thinks he is guilty because he is gay.)
[The judge ruled] that because Dawson tried to retreat and because there were a number of attackers, he agreed with the defense that criminal charges were not warranted. He ordered that Dawson, who has been jailed since his arrest, be released.
Can you say "reasonable doubt?" Not good enough for Ms. Feeney. They are considering an appeal.

In Florida, the band of miscreants that accompanied Knight could be charged with murder. Someone dies during the commision of crime, the criminals are responsible. I guess that PA doesn't have something similar, since that would give Ms. Feeney and Company some real criminals to prosecute.

So this is a change in the political landscape

Les Jones: What Democratic Party Victory? The stunning upset...
  • New Jersey went from being governed by a Democrat to being governed by a Democrat.
  • Virginia went from being governed by a Democrat to being governed by a Democrat.
  • California voted against conservative ballot initiatives.
  • San Francisco voted for liberal ballot initiatives.
  • Texas voted for a conservative constitutional amendment.
Yeah, I never thought that Texas would go conservative.

66-year-old Grandmother Shoots Intruder | 11/09/2005 | Grandmother shoots intruder in north Arlington. (BugMeNot is your friend) OK just what do the gun-grabbers in San Francisco think should have been the outcome of this encounter?
A 66-year-old grandmother shot an intruder in her north Arlington home early Wednesday as he grabbed for her gun, she told police.
She shot him in the leg at about 12:30 in the morning. He broke into her house to hide from police.

I would have shot him in the torso - she admits that is what she was taught to do. And I would have used something a little bigger than a 38 special. Still, the idiot is in police custody - being treated for a gunshot wound.

South Carolina Prosecutor Decides Self-defense is legal Columbia, SC: Murder charges dropped. She was attacked, has (or had) the brusies to prove it, but York County charged her with murder for shooting the attacker in self-defense. Glad they woke up to reality.

WaPo of 2 minds on French Rioters Ethnicity

The Washington Post can't seem to decide if the Rioters in France are really Muslim or not. (Or it can't decide whether or not to admit "multiculturalism" has failed in the capital of Euro-togetherness.) Anyway we have 2 articles....

In the first article, France's Youth Battles Also Waged on the Web, The Washington Post gives its standard line about the rioters being "the French-born children of immigrant parents." The religious and ethnic background of these "children" is unclear - presumably because France doesn't "officially recognize" ethnic minorities exist.

But then when getting reaction from people in neighboring countries we find immigrants of Arab and Muslim background being interviewed. In Few in Europe Fear French Riots Will Spread, suddenly we see the barest mention about "kids who speak Arabic, who read the Koran." And while we are treated a long list of the national origins of the people inteviewed (Turkey, Tunisia, and unspecified "North African" nations) we are not told explicitly that Musilims were sought out for their reactions. One man is identified as working in a butcher shop that "caters to Muslims."

Otherwise the WaPo is still holding back on identifying the religious background of the French rioters.

ID School Board Removed - 'Intelligent design' backers lose in Pennsylvania. Well 8 of the 9 who backed including ID over evolution lost in Tuesday's election. This is why people need to pay more attention to what is happening at the local level. Whether you agree or disagree with ID, or its being taught in a science class, the people running the schools are important.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

French Feeling Bad about Bad Press

Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler and Emperor Darth Misha offer Oh No, We Hurt the Frogwits’ Feewings! This is hysterical....
Aw, ferchrissakes! Can you believe this wussified wimp? His city is going up in flames, and all he can obsess about is his hurt widdle feewings. No farkin’ wonder you have foreign TV crews telling you what to do, since it’s pretty flaming obvious that you have absolutely no Clue whatsoever.
From hurt feelings to the fact that France doesn't "officially recognize" it has minority communities, (if we ignore the problem, will it go away?) Darth Misha offers up a whole lot of laughs at Frenchies expense.

Mention of Gun Sends Burglar Running

Northwest Indiana News: Mother threatens burglar with gun Defensive use of gun by mentioning it to the burglar.
A gun-carrying Merrillville [Indiana] mom didn't pull any punches when a man wearing a black ski mask tried to break into her house Wednesday night.

She threatened to shoot him with the 40-caliber handgun she was holding and he backed off and ran away, police said.
She yelled a warning that she was armed, and he turned tail and ran away. She was home with her baby at the time of the attempted break in.

Gun prevents crime just by its existence.

Alphecca's Weekly Check on the Bias

Alphecca: Weekly Check on the Bias Haven't had time to read it all, so I will just say go and see what Jeff has to offer this week... it is always good.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

When your only choice is "stand and fight"

Alaska : Fleeing violence can be difficult in Bush. Consider Alaska.
Dangerous weather or lack of a road network in rural Alaska can leave crime victims marooned for days. Most villages can be reached only by air and sometimes by boat or snowmobile.

"There's nothing comparable to that in the Lower 48 in the sense that even when we're counties apart, the counties have roads," said Susan Lewis of the National Sexual Violence Resource Center in Enola, Pa. "It's one thing to say rural, but the word more often used for Alaska communities is remote."

Victims cannot hop into cars to seek help or escape their tormenters.
This is one of the reasons Federalism is such a good idea. The Glitterati of LA and Manhattan are always trying to make laws for the whole country, but they have no idea what the whole country is like. (New Yorkers seem to be incapable of understanding anything about the midwest, and could never quite believe that Cincinnati is in the Eastern time zone. Is the country really that big?) And they certainly don't understand the Alaskan bush.

Calls to police can take days to get a response - not minutes like the cities. Still think that everyone should call police and wait to be rescued? You might as well just call the morgue in the first place.
About 80 percent of Alaska's 655,000 residents live in or near the state's three largest cities -- Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau. The rest live in villages or tiny cities scattered over an area more than twice the size of Texas.
In these circumstances, you have to be able to provide your own security, or you will have none.

Now this is an article about domestic violence. It talks about running away, not about self-defense. After talking about how hard it is to run, they talk about running to the cities. The domestic violence industry is not interested in getting women to defend themselves. Who would live in the shelters?

Police Help Came too Late

Rhonda Ferguson feared for her life. Her ex-boyfriend, Jeffery Fye, was unable to let go of the relationship.

Fye fatally shot her as she was going to meet her new boyfriend.
"She had actually asked the police for protection Saturday night because he came over here with a gun," she says.

But now [her daughter] is left without a mother, wondering if her life could've been spared if police would've responded.

"The cops said they would take care of it today and obviously they were too late," Kim says
Relying on others for your safety is always a problem, unless you can afford to hire bodyguards.

The mutant, Fye, died in a police shooting after crashing his car during a high-speed chase. [via KABA]

The Cotillion Appreciates Our Veterans

Not A Desperate Housewife is hosting this week's Cotillion with We Appreciate Our Veterans.
I am pleased once again to host this week's sampling of the finest right-of-center female bloggers in the 'sphere. As we approach Veteran's Day we would like to salute those who have sacrificed in order for us to live in this fine nation.
Go see what's offerred.

Shooting Sports: Women in Hunting

Daily News of Newburyport: Armed and Female. Traditionally a male bastion, more and more women are joining the ranks of hunters.
According to numerous studies and surveys conducted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the Becoming an Outdoors Woman program, and other state and national sporting organizations, many women pick up guns and bows to kill the game they'll later cook to feed their families — women account for 15.4 percent of hunters using firearms and 13.2 percent of bow hunters nationwide.
The BOW program, a North American program that trains women in outdoor activities, including hunting with firearms and bows, sees a trend of women reaching midlife becoming more interested in outdoor sports.
This is a nice article that focuses on game management, using the meat of animals hunted, and a little on introducing hunting to the next generation.

There are a couple of interesting passages in the piece. The first is about knowledge of hunting and attitudes.
When [Chris Wilkinson, a woman in her mid-40s,] was in high school, she was anti-hunting. Her family knew nothing about the activity.
Meeting a hunter and taking the time to learn about game management and what goes on in slaughter houses, changed her mind. She has killed 40 deer.

Men still have a problem with women hunting. (Men have lots of problems, but that is another blog.)
Wilkinson said she's gotten grief, especially from men, for being a hunter.

"Once, we had to stay in a hotel because I wasn't allowed to stay at the deer camp with the men," she said. "They didn't take me seriously."
If you guys want hunting to survive - and there are groups working to get rid of it - you need to move into the 1980's. (I'm sure the 50's were very comfortable for you, but they're over. I wouldn't want you to strain yourselves and try living in the 21st Century. The 80's seems like a good compromise.)

An article on hunting that contains not one word from the gun fearing weenies; you don't see that too often. [via KABA]

Gun Control Doesn't Work Down Under

Gun laws fall short in war on crime - National - Not that this should be surpising, but it appears that - which doesn't work in England, Scotland or Canada, also doesn't work in Australia.

The good news for Australia is that the police are working to combat drug crime, so crime is down.
.The latest figures show a renaissance in firearm ownership in the state - a 25 per cent increase in three years. And the head of the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, Don Weatherburn, said falls in armed robberies and abductions in [New South Wales] in the past few years had more to do with the heroin drought and good policing than firearms legislation.
"There has been a drop in firearm-related crime, particularly in homicide, but it began long before the new laws and has continued on afterwards."
So we have both "More Guns" and "Less Crime," and good police work leads to safer societies. Don't expect the MSM to be quoting Dr. Weatherburn.
[hat tip Pink Pistols Armed Gays Don't Get Bashed!]

Monday, November 07, 2005

Pirate is not a "Cute Word"

There has been much buzz around the blogsphere about pirate being a euphemism for terrorists. Pirate is not a "Cute Word" to throw us off our guard. Pirates are vicious animals who kill indiscriminately for profit. (They will hold people hostage if ransoms are possible.) They may also be terrorists or supporting terrorists, but piracy is much older than "terrorism." (Why do the Marines sing about "the shores of Tripoli?")

The only thing surprising about the pirate attack on the Seabourn Spirit is that it made the news, and I am convinced that it only made the news because rich, white Americans were at risk. There were 25 pirate attacks off the coast of Somalia between March 15th and October 31st of this year. But only working stiffs were attacked in those other incidents... not news worthy. (The Weekly Piracy report in the link changes so I make no statement about how long that link will be good. The International Chamber of Commerce doesn't give much away for free - deal with it.) See also Noonsite - this article mentioning Somalia was published on September 29th.

The truth is is world-wide problem, though it seems to be especially bad in Indonesia. Somalia is right on its heels. Sections of South and Central America are also suffering from piracy. Go take a look at the 2004 map of pirate attacks. The ICC only deals with attacks against commercial vessels. They don't track attacks against private vessels.

Why does this disdain for the term "pirate" make me mad? Because I am a sailor - if you have been paying attention you would know I have my own sail boat and am still planning to leave US waters. Piracy is a problem. It is made worse by the stupid set of international laws that make it difficult for me to go armed. It is not only a problem in Muslim countries - though it's worse there - it is also a problem in the West.

The world seems to have its head in the sand about piracy in general, but about the impacts on private vessels in particular. There is no 911 you can call on the high seas. And in many areas, the police or local coast guard can be a part of the problem as it was in at least one instance in Venezuela. It is important to go armed and in groups for security. I can't run away from the problem in a sail boat. (The designed hull speed is about 7 knots.) Like so many things in sailing, if you run into trouble you trim the sheets and face the music. (That's set the sails and deal with the consequences of your decision to sail away from shore - for you land lubbers.)

Update: Publicola gets it! Bloody Pirates Again