Thursday, November 24, 2005

911 Response: 8 minutes or 20?

'Excellent' police response not enough to save woman. Chicago PD reports 8 minute response time. Witnesses say it is more like 15 or 20. Either way, it wasn't fast enough.
Eight minutes. According to the Chicago Police Department, it took eight minutes for police to arrive at the scene where a man had been beating his wife for 15 to 20 minutes while her children screamed and hollered. In those eight minutes last Wednesday night, Stacey D. Moyer, 29, of 3555 S. Cottage Grove, was shot and killed. After shooting his wife of only two months, Billy Earl Winborn allegedly shot himself in the head.
But people in Chicago don't need to be able to defend themselves. The police will take care of everything.

Of course Richie Daley doesn't take a step without a police escort, so for him it's true. Everyone else is on their own. (But aren't guns illegal in Chicago? How was she shot?)

8 minutes isn't always the answer.
In another horrible domestic violence case that occurred in 2002, it took police officers 17 minutes to reach Ronyale White after her first 911 call. Two police officers were suspended for their slow response.
So when I'm dead and buried, my family will have the consolation of knowing someone was suspended - not fired - for a relaxed attitude.

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