Thursday, November 24, 2005

Now this is TV I wish I'd seen

WREG-TV Memphis - Get Your Gun Maybe there is hope for the MSM.

[Update: Never write blog posts while half - or more than half - asleep. The Video is there. I had to load the dreaded IE - it would not work under Mozilla. The video isn't bad, I thought the bit on safes was overdone. A standard small safe if secured will thwart most burglars.]
My experiences inspired me to produce the series we're airing TONIGHT ON NEWS CHANNEL 3 AT 5, 6 & 10. We call it "Get Your Gun" because we wanted to reach those of you who are considering for the first time -- like me -- to arm yourself. Through our production of this series, I have developed an enormous respect for firearms, the experts who use them and our Second Amendment right as Americans to bear them. I am convinced that if more of us had a healthy respect for guns; if more of us as citizens knew HOW to use them, WHEN to use them, WHERE to secure them; and if more law-abiding citizens properly CARRIED the appropriate handgun, crime would not be as much of a problem. After all, most of the thugs out there don't have a clue about how to really harness the power of that gun they just stole, and they certainly don't understand the conviction of someone who is prepared to kill in order to protect himself or his family.
Emphasis in the original. Don't think you'll see this on CNN or anything similar in the NYT. [ Technorati tag: ]

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