Friday, November 11, 2005

Police don't care about all victims

Victims tell of hate crime beating in Hartford So you think you can rely on the police? I know that I can't... not always.

Two lesbians were attacked by a group of men as they left a bar and walked to their car. They were beaten bad enough to suffer broken bones.
The men knocked the pair to the ground, beat them, yelling names like queer and dyke. Someone called 911.

Sources tell Eyewitness News the attack victims waited an hour and a half and saw no police, no ambulance.
The higher-ups insist that they were on it from the start, but it looks like they only bothered to make a report after few days of bad publicity.

Most police that I know are top notch people, but unfortunately there are few - not an insignificant number, but not a lot - who just don't give a damn about anyone from minority communities. I've met a few of them as well. No one should have to wait for an hour and a half for an ambulance in the middle of city - not unless there is a war on. Or why bother to have a 911 system at all?

Having waited several days to even begin an investigation, I doubt the police will find anyone. I also doubt that the people who ignored a call for help will even be reprimanded for not doing their jobs. And of course even in states that allow concealed carry, it is not generally permitted in bars. So once again the powers that be have decreed that a vulnerable population is disarmed at exactly the time and place defense is likely to be necessary.

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