Friday, November 25, 2005

A (reasonably) positive article about guns in the New York Times?

Image hosted by Photobucket.comNow, Accounting Can Get Its Gun - New York Times. This is a story about the increasing popularity of corporate shooting outings in NYC, and about a company that takes corporate types out of the city for these trips.

On the whole, it makes the shooting sports look fun and sane. They do try to get one psychiatrist to say it is "bad," but even he changes his tune at the end of the day.
"Before today, I thought something like this was unequivocally harmful," [Dr. Kenneth Porter, a Manhattan psychiatrist,] said. "But now I've learned otherwise."
The reporter does try to slant the article in a negative way - including the first quote from Dr. Porter - but everyone interviewed is a solid professional just out for a day of fun. "Doctors, lawyers and Wall Street types" are not a collection of maniacs. (No lawyer jokes please!) Given the venue, I have to say this article is something of minor miracle.

All I can say is that the weather in Hell must be unseasonably cold this year. [KABA]

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