Monday, December 05, 2005

911 refuses to send help - woman dies | News | 911 dispatcher sued over woman's violent death. You can't sue the city, so they are trying to sue the dispatcher who ignored 2 separate calls for police help. None was ever dispatched.

Still want to rely on 911? If they don't believe it is a problem, no one will come to your aid - ever. Forget about police response times - there will be no response.
Le Thu Nguyen was killed in 2001 after she was kidnapped and murdered by her ex-fiance, Omar Green. [An eyewitness, John Chauvin], and Nguyen's mother called 911 during and just after the kidnapping, but the 911 dispatcher who answered both calls wouldn't send police.
Two separate calls from two different people witnessing the same crime and Jeanette Price, the 911 dispatcher, decided that police didn't need to be sent. She was "reprimanded" and now the city of Aurora is defending her.

And I am supposed to rely on 911 for my safety? Explain that please. Explain it to Le Thu Nguyen's two children, who are now orphans.

Ms. Nguyen may not have been able to defend herself with a weapon, but the system failed completely to protect her, and it is now refusing to hold anyone accountable. [KABA]

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