Wednesday, January 11, 2006

British Police State

Telegraph | News | Unruly home owners face eviction Tony Blair in a desperate attempt to revive law-and-order in Britain is proposing a whole host of police measures not subject to judicial review (evict you from your home for up to three months). He also wants to implement Clinton's vision of distracting delinquents (yobs in the British parlance) with sports.
As well as punitive measures, there would be an expansion of sport and activities for young people.
Parents would be forced to attend state-run parenting classes to keep kids under control.

But there is no mention of increased jail time for law breakers. No mention of allowing British citizens the right to defend themselves from violent attack.

Add to this the fact that Britain plans to to track everyone's movement by car convinces me that Tony Blair is turning Britain into a police state. Why should he really fight crime (prisons, tough sentences, etc.) when the current state of things gives him the excuse to play Big Brother.

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