Sunday, January 15, 2006

Campus Insecurity

College campuses are disarmed-victim zones. Student and staff are (mostly) prohibited from carrying any effective means of self defense. The result? Criminals prey upon the students.

MU campus quiet, fearful, after rape
“All we can tell students is to use common sense,” [Sgt. Jim Squance of the Oxford Police Department] said.
He can't tell them anything else - they are disarmed by law and policy. | The Gainesville Sun | Gainesville, Fla.
Two 15-year-old boys were arrested Monday for allegedly dragging a University of Florida student inside a bathroom at the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium and raping her during the weekend, according to the University of Florida Police Department.
Safety worries EMU students After several rapes on and around campus much is made about making students "feel safe." I would be happier if the students actually were safe.

Teen charged in campus rape:
A 19-year-old Chicago man on parole for burglarizing a home near DePaul University was charged Thursday with last weekend's rape of a student at the [Chicago] North Side campus, authorities said.
But then everyone in Chicago is disarmed, not just the students. (Everyone except the criminals of course.)

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