Thursday, January 12, 2006

Experts say for self-defense, nothing beats a gun

Tahlequah Daily Press--Experts say for self-defense, nothing beats a gun OK so it is in print - no surprise it isn't in the Boston or New York papers.

The best means of self-defense is a firearm.
Lawrence is also a black belt in Okinawan Karate, Kempo, Jeet Kune Do, Ju Ji Tsu, and Aiki Jitsu (that’s five black belts under his belt). Still, when it comes to self-defense – especially for women – he suggests a firearm, and the knowledge of how to use it, is the most effective weapon.

“A woman is at an obvious size and strength disadvantage, and for her to protect herself against a man – who may be carrying a weapon himself – would take years of practicing any martial art,” said Lawrence. “Someone who is strong and athletic can probably study any martial arts technique and make it effective, but if you don’t meet those criteria, you need to consider what the best equalizer is going to be.”

For a person who wants to learn martial arts for self-defense, Lawrence suggests choosing a style that emphasizes practical self-defense – Ju Ji Tsu and Jeet Kune Do, for example – instead of one that focuses on proper form.

Still, his advise for the most practical and effective self-defense: “Get a concealed carry permit, and know how to shoot your gun.”
Here is a man, Scott Lawrence, who has 5 black belts in various martial arts who recommends firearms for personal defense.

As Col. Colt's advertising said, "Have no fear of any man no matter what his size. When danger threatens call on me, and I shall equalize."

The gun banners of Boston, New York and everywhere else want to make a small woman helpless in the face of a large rapist. Or any woman helpless in the face of a 2 or 3 or more rapists. [NRA-ILA]

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