Friday, January 06, 2006

Good Guys 3, Bad Guys 0

Two killed in home invasion-A teenager is in critical condition after breaking into home in northeast Detroit, police say. Three burglars were shot during a break-in. The two adults died from multiple gunshot wounds, the 15-year-old kid who was acting as lookout is in the hosptial having been shot in the chest and shoulder.
"We tried to break into the house, and the man shot us," a police report quotes the 15-year-old as telling officers shortly after the shooting.
The police are investigating to determine if this is the crew responsible for several home invasions in the area.
There have been numerous home invasions in the last two months in northeast Detroit, and the [criminals'] car is similar to one seen at some of them, Tate said.
And yes, this is another MSM outlet that doesn't know the difference between a criminal and victim.

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