Monday, January 30, 2006

Gun Controlling Men and Self-esteem

Julia Gorin: The anti-gun male Julia Gorin gives a real smack-down to the gun controllers.
He often accuses men with guns of "compensating for something." The truth is quite the reverse. After all, how is he supposed to feel knowing there are men out there who aren't intimidated by the big bad inanimate villain? How is he to feel in the face of adolescent boys who have used the family gun effectively in defending the family from an armed intruder? So if he can't touch a gun, he doesn't want other men to be able to either. And to achieve his ends, he'll use the only weapon he knows how to manipulate: the law.
She comes pretty close to the mark. The Clinton "gun ban" of course only dealt with weapons that looked scary. [KABA]

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