Sunday, January 22, 2006

Gun Free England Has A Gun Crime Problem

Independent Online Edition > Crime I thought they got rid of guns... apparently not. With parts of the country seeing 50% increases in gun crime, guns are readily available.
Weapons cost between £45 and £2,000. Converted replicas cost from £300 to £1,000. Popular models include:

LUGER, WALTHER P38 AND WEBLEY MK 4: All used in WW2 but many still serviceable. Often used by older gangsters. Cost: £150.

BROCOCK MAGNUM: Revolver. Originally designed as an air pistol. Can be converted to fire live .22 ammunition. Cost: £130.

9MM GLOCK 17L: Semi-automatic. Used by √©lite police and military forces around the world. Very reliable. Cost: £150-£400.

9MM BROWNING: Semi-automatic. Flooded the streets of London after the Falklands war, smuggled back by soldiers.
One Pound is about $1.78 today, making that £45-entry-level pistol worth about $80. If the supply had been dried up by Britain's (completely worthless) gun ban, one would think the cost would be higher.

Gunbroker is not cooperating so I can't look up the value of Glock 17L, if anyone knows please leave a comment. The price listed here doesn't seem to be more than what would be charged in a gunstore in the US. [Hat Tip KABA]

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