Friday, January 20, 2006

Iran Hostage Crisis - 25 years later

Former Iran Hostages Reunite God I feel old.

It was on January 20, 1981 - on the eve of Ronald Reagan taking over from Jimmy Carter - that the Iranian Hostage Crisis came to an end.
Joe Hall, now 56, of Lenox, Ga., was an Army operations coordinator at the embassy who was interrogated and beaten. He said that a show of force by the U.S. early in the crisis could have prevented atrocities in recent years by sending a message of intolerance for terrorism.
Six helecopters in the desert is not a military response. It was the first of several lessons the middle east got about US Democrats willingness to wage war - or lack of willingness. (The events portrayed in Black Hawk Down was another.) Reagan was another Republican President called a "cowboy" by the US and European media. Given that this reputation ended the hostage crisis, and went a long way in the negotiations with the Soviet Union, I would hope GW Bush views the appellation as a compliment.

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