Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Italy approves castle doctrine law

Image hosting by PhotobucketBBC NEWS | Europe | Italy approves self-defence law. Maybe there is hope for Europe after all.
The law permits the use of guns and knives by people in homes or workplaces to protect lives or belongings.

The reform was introduced by the Northern League party, a right-wing member of the ruling coalition with a strong anti-crime platform.
The Left has their knickers in a knot. They "expressed concern" that it would result in an increased use of firearms. I hope it does. I hope every law-abiding Italian goes out and gets a brand new .357 magnum (or whatever they choose) and that a rash of burglars/home invaders/rapists/et al are met with the swift justice of self-defense.

The Justice Minister, Roberto Castelli, gets the last word.
Today criminals will have more to fear while there will be fewer problems for honest people.
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