Sunday, January 22, 2006

Kerry The Blogger

Villainous Company: KerryWatch & Blog Against The MachineIt is good to have Casandra back actively blogging. I love her prose and her description of JFK (that's Kerry) and his blog is wonderful!
On second thought, we have no idea why this should have surprised us. The Junior Senator from Vietnam with the fresh-def perspective on urban culture has always kept his finger on the pulse of the Me Generation.
And of course, Kerry is playing the part of "angry liberal."
What makes John Kerry angry? Not things like genocide in Darfur or Saddam Hussein burying hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis in mass graves or the incredibly harsh repression in North Korea. He wasn't even angry enough about Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1990 to support US intervention.

No, Senator Kerry can live with the little mishaps of life like genocide and torture. Who among us has not had a little intentional mass murder in their past? No, it's mistakes that cannot be excused. The idea that our government, over four years ago, with a limited number of troops, could fail to find one man in remote mountainous terrain during wartime just infuriates the good Senator.
The photos alone are worth taking a look at the post.

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