Saturday, January 28, 2006

No Guns Today

Well I couldn't find any intersting guns (that I could afford) at the gun show today. I have strange urge to buy an SKS, but I have no where to store one and no real "need." Though I suppose need is a questionable idea.

If I had a house, or lived ashore in any abode, I would have an SKS and 1000 rounds in a closet - just in case something like Katrina happened. I saw a wonderful Yugo SKS for about 200 bucks. No cosmoline. Great bore. Decent furniture. Oh well.

On side note, does anyone have anything to say (good or bad) about the Jimenez Arms 9mm or 380? The fact that California hates them is almost enough to sell me, but not quite. The 380 seems to be a better built pocket gun than the Kel-tek, but I have not shot either one.
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Instead of a firearm, I decided on an edged weapon. I do love edged weapons, but the good ones are so expensive. A hand ground, tool-steel blade is likely to be 300 bucks, and decent sword will cost at least 700 or more. (You can spend a hundred thousand on a sword, if you are so inclined.)

I will settle for something a bit less expensive from Kershaw. A Ken Onion folder in 440 stainless steel, with red aluminum frame, track tek inserts and an assisted opening, liner-lock frame with a recurve, drop-point blade. I am happy.

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