Thursday, January 12, 2006

NPR Bias - Slanting the Truth in Favor of Dems

Image hosted by Photobucket.comIndependent Women's Forum: The Democrats’ Last Gasbag Stand By now everyone has seen the Teddy Kennedy/Alen Specter donnybrook over the records of CAP.

What is interesting is the way the NPR shaded the reporting to make Kennedy look better than he did in real life. (Ink Well has both the full transcript and the NPR lies version of the story.)
For decades, we of the American public got only the sanitized NPR-style version of public and partisan events, including judicial confirmations. Read that NPR story again--you’ll notice how it subtly makes Alito’s supposed duplicity over his CAP membership the focus of the controversy, not Kennedy’s boorish and bullying behavior and continued state of denial over the fact that the Democrats are no longer in charge of the Senate or the Senate Judiciary Committee. Note the words "increasing the number of women and minority students"--that’s liberal-speak for racial and gender quotas. The non-issue aspect of the necessity to subpoena the CAP documents (whose thousands of pages, by the way, were combed over last night by committee staffers, who found no mention whatsoever of Samuel Alito) was also never raised in the NPR story: the fact that you don’t have to subpoena records a) that are available to the public at America’s public library, and b) whose release was consented to by their donor, former National Review publisher William Rusher.
Why would you subpoena public records? Because you are to fat and lazy to go look at the records yourself at the public library, or because you hope to create a tempest in a teapot - a controversy where none really exists - since you have no real ideas or positions to expound?

The Dems have shown how hollow is their store of ideas with this one interaction. They have no ideas except to bite and scratch at the Republicans like a pack of angry Chihuahuas. And can we please stop spending money on NPR?

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