Monday, January 16, 2006

One UK Man Takes on the Gun Ban

'If you value your life carry a weapon' | the Daily Mail [Update: This article has been pulled from the Daily Mail, even though they routinely keep stories around for weeks. Couldn't be that the British police state is now silencing freedom of expression, could it? A Google search so far has only turned up the most sanitized of Rod Eastman's comments.]

[Update 2: (Jan 17, 2006) Here is a copy of the original article courtesy of Kevin at Smallest Minority.]

No police, unarmed police, courts that turn criminals loose with little or no punishment. What did the Brits think was going to happen.

The British government has decided that they will not protect the average citizen.
In a bitter denunciation of the lack of police officers on the beat and the lenience of the courts, Rod Eastman said it was better to risk arrest for carrying an offensive weapon than risk being murdered by muggers.
Mr Eastman made these comments after his daughter's fiance was killed. [KABA]

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