Friday, January 13, 2006

People Need to Understand Self-defense

American Chronicle: Domestic Violence Perpetrators Protected by Politics Lot's of complaining about the fact that the courts and the police often fail to protect battered women. Legal action to collect child support is often required, but they can garnish his wages. People don't follow the rules, but the courts can enforce the rules through contempt hearings.

The piece ends with this question
So my question is, at what moment in time, when the police fail to do their jobs, the courts can’t make him behave; children aren’t sleeping, going to school, for fear Mommy will be killed, when is “It was either his life or mine”, justified?
Use of deadly force in self-defense is justified when the threat of death or grave bodily injury is imminent. If you have a restraining order and he breaks into your house (at least in Florida and most sane states) you are justified in believing your safety is at risk. Actually even if you don't have a restraining order, anyone breaking into your house (in Florida) is assumed to be there with violent intent. Blow his brains out. I recommend something in .40 or .45 caliber, or a .357 with hollow points. A 9mm would be fine if it has a large magazine. A 12 gauge shotgun also would work well.

What you are not justified in doing is setting fire to him while he is asleep. Poisoning him. Shooting him while he is asleep. Etc. The threat must be imminent.

I will admit that cases involving emotional abusers are tougher to crack. But restraining orders are still available in these cases.

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