Wednesday, January 25, 2006

St. Louis Police Hoping to Prosecute Self-defense

AP Wire | 01/25/2006 | St. Louis cab driver in custody in killing of teenager. Yet another news organization that does not know how to tell the criminals from the victims. If you attack me and I shoot you, you are not a victim. You attacked me.

Anyway, a customer was 9 bucks short on fare, and said he would get the balance and return.
Instead, [St. Louis Police Capt. James] Gieseke said, he returned with [16-year-old Corey] Blanks, who had a sawed-off shotgun.

Gieseke said the two tried to rob the cabbie, but the cabbie pulled out a pistol and shot Blanks after the teen pointed the shotgun at him. The cabbie picked up the shotgun and fled in his cab, which police found an hour later, Gieseke said.
Police have the cab driver in custody, hoping that they can charge him with something.

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