Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Tale of Two Burglaries

Image by Photobucket - LibertyConsider a burglary where citizens are able to defend themselves. Woman with handgun scares off 2 burglars
A woman with a handgun scared off two burglars who forced their way into her second-story Reno apartment
No shots were fired, but criminals are afraid of armed citizens.

Now consider a case where self-defense is not allowed.

IOL: Couple cower in bed as robbers ransack flat
Fearing for their lives, Craig Landu and his girlfriend, Mathapelo Molema, cowered under the blankets on their bed and watched as two men ransacked their Solyet Court flat on Monday, taking three tog bags of clothing, shoes, his camera, appliances and other possessions.
It is only through luck these two were unharmed. They could not have prevented a rape or a murder by cowering under blankets.

Are people with access to firearms safer, or in more danger? [KABA]

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