Saturday, January 07, 2006

UK Police Admit Disarmed Citizens Helpless Against Stronger Crinimals

Salford Advertiser - Girl dragged to alley and raped This is the tragic story of a girl raped, but what caught my eye was one of the statements made by police after the crime had occurred.
"You can use reasonable force in self-defence and you are allowed to protect yourself with something you are carrying like car key or a can of deodorant but you may not carry a weapon.

"If you decide to try and defend yourself be aware that your attacker might be stronger than you, or may take what you are using in self-defence and use it against you. It is better to shout loudly or scream and run away."
More and more the criminals in Britain are using weapons, even if they aren't using guns. The populace is left unarmed and helpless. [KABA]

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